Why Wedding Photographers Should Aim to Educate in Social Media

Educate your audience

wedding photographersWhat wedding photographers should aim for when they are in the process of growing their online presence and their social media presence in particular is that they should constantly produce posts that will be able to educate their audience. Feature and promotion posts are fine and they can only go so far but people will eventually feel as if your main aim is just to advertise and market and this is something that they will easily feel annoyed with. Unless you want to receive a slew of mass unfollows and rejections, you should design your posts in such a way wherein people will also be able to gain something from it at some point or so.

Add educational and informative posts

Educational and informative posts are something that make people feel engaged and make them feel as if there is something that they will be able to take away from it at some point or so and this is something that can really turn out to work well for wedding photographers in general. This is something that you should follow through with as much as possible. You need to make it a point to really be able to offer up info that can be quite valuable to your audience for as long as it is something that is related to the niche of alternative wedding photography. You should go beyond just trying to entertain people or trying to sell them something. You should opt for something that can be of deeper value one way or the other. People will be able to see this or pick up on this and really appreciate your inputs on social media.

Post great looking pictures

Most of the wedding photographers out there also tend to have the notion that for as long as they are able to post great looking pictures in their social media profiles all of the time, that should suffice. Although this is a fairly great approach, you shouldn’t limit yourself to gorgeous looking pictures alone. More than anything else, great content is ultimately what makes people feel more valued and appreciated and it is something that you should definite aim to achieve when it all comes down to it. It may not always be easy to pump out the kind of content that you would like to but your efforts won’t exactly be wasted because it is something that your audience will be able too appreciate at the end of the day.

Put up advice posts

Common content materials for wedding photographers to play around with in social media would be advice posts for up and coming brides, tips and strategies for the new aspiring wedding photographers, or just a general educator about the topic of photography for people who would like to get into it as a hobby or as a profession. There are so many other angles and topics that you will be able to play up so feel free to be as resourceful and as creative as you would like to be. Keep in mind that people will most likely engage in dialogues if they have something to learn out of it.

Important Wedding Moments to Consider as a Wedding Photographer

Never miss any crucial moments

wedding photography tipsAs a wedding photographer, it is very important that you make sure that you don’t miss any important or crucial moments during the wedding event. If you end up missing anything during the wedding, this isn’t something that the bride and groom will be very forgiving about when you go ahead and come to think about it. This just isn’t the kind of thing that you can afford to skip out on when it all comes down to it. You will really have to guarantee that you will always be able to bring your best to the table no matter what happens. Missing the traditional and the most important parts of the wedding is one of the most fatal mistakes that you will ever get to commit as a wedding photographer. It is the kind of thing that you should veer away from doing as much as possible. This is something that you should avoid from being able to commit as much as possible. The last thing that you would want to do is to have your clients being upset about you and the moment that you start getting bad reviews for your performance as a wedding photographer, that’s the time you start losing potential clients.

Have a good talk with the couple

What you can do to avoid that this isn’t something that ends up happening to you at the end of the day is to have a good talk with the couple who are being wed. You need to really go out of your way to go ahead and make sure that you talk to your clients and ask them about the list of items that they would like of the wedding photography contract at the end of the day. You need to make sure that you are able to list down the most important moments during the wedding from the perspective of your wedding photography clients. Keep the list with you all throughout the time that you are providing services for your clients as a professional wedding photographer in their wedding.

You should be able to take away roughly around thirty items or so on your list of important wedding moments that you will need to document as a wedding photographer. Over time, you will have a pretty good grasp on the moments that you will need to take note of and pay attention to but until such a time comes, you need the list to more or less serve as your guide and to help walk you through all throughout the time that you are covering the wedding as a wedding photographer. You can’t afford any lapses along the way and that is why you need to cover all of your bases as much as possible.

You should also make a point out of adding in a few items of your own.

Don’t be afraid and don’t be scarce in embellishing a few additional points of your own because it is something that will make your coverage as a wedding photographer Hampshire so much better than what your clients have initially imagined or though thought out of in the beginning of the wedding photography agreement at the end of the day.

Why You Need a Second Wedding Photographer

wedding photography tipsWhat you should know as a professional wedding photographer is the fact that you should never ever attempt to cover a wedding photography shoot all alone. There are just so many different risks that come into play that will be out of your control. You need to cover all of the possible bases that you need to cover at the end of the day. A second wedding photographer will really get to make your life so much easier and will take care of so many worries that you might stress yourself over. A lot of people have an issue with the aspect of hiring out a second wedding photographer though because of the issue of added expense. It’s just not the kind of thing that you would want to do or worry about when it all comes down to it.

Get a second wedding photographer as backup.

A second wedding photographer will serve as your backup especially during those times wherein you need to pay attention to your must-have shot list that has been pre-discussed with the soon-to-be couple. This just isn’t the kind of thing that you will be able to ignore. There have been so many countless arguments between clients and their official wedding photographers regarding the issue of missed shots during the wedding. This is a critical mistake that you should definitely avoid because your clients will not be very forgiving if you fail at documenting some of the most important parts of their wedding.

Never miss out getting important wedding moments.

Once you miss out on getting important wedding moments on film as a wedding photographer, there is no way to repair it or to do anything to at least minimize the blow. The moment has been lost forever. There is only one wedding day. There is no way for you or for your clients to be able to redo the moments when it all comes down to it. You only get one chance to get things done so make sure that you do it right. Hire a second wedding photographer so that you don’t have to worry about the rest of the other things that needs to be shot during the wedding photography event. You can always delegate that off to your second wedding photographer andover.

Find your way around issues.

If you are having some issues with the costs of hiring out a second professional wedding photographer, what you can be quite rest assured of is the fact that there is always a way around that. You can still get a second wedding photographer without ending up bankrupt. Talk to the other wedding photographers in your area. Try to ask around if there is anyone out there who may also have a need for a second wedding photographer during the weddings that they book. You can offer a trade of services. You can be the second shooter in their wedding gigs and they do vice versa. It is the perfect kind of setup or arrangement and it will not cost either party a single cent.

Why a Wedding Photographer Needs to Dress Well

wedding photographyYou need to make sure that you are able to dress well and really present and package yourself well as a wedding photographer. You need to keep in mind that in a somewhat unspoken way, you are expected to dress up and present yourself well because you directly represent your clients in a way or so. It will really help you out a lot and make things so much easier for you if you straight right to the source instead of wasting time to go anywhere else wherein you might be misinformed.

Ask your clients well ahead of time what the dress code will be.

Knowing this well in advance will at least give you enough time to prepare how you need to get dressed during the wedding event. Weddings are usually formal events and what this means is that by default, your outfit as a wedding photographer should be a tad bit on the formal side of things as well. A foolproof outfit that will work for you and will present you as a great looking gay wedding photographer is a business casual outfit. It is something easy and something fairly simple enough to bring together. It is also something that you may already have in your closet. You won’t have to shop for any new articles of clothing if you are lucky.

Wear it in layers.

One thing to really make the business casual outfit work for you regardless of what the dress code will be is if you wear it in layers. It will be easy for you to tone the look down a bit or up the ante if you need to if you have a business casual outfit. If you think that the wardrobe that you have put together is something that is a little bit over dressed or a little bit over the top, then you can simply fix it by removing a jacket or a blazer, tie, or outer shirt that you may have on top of the main shirt.

The effect will simplify the look right then and there with nothing more than just removing a few items.

It is practical and easy to work out. If you would like to go for a really low key or for a low profile business casual look every single time, try to opt out of wearing a tie of any kind as much as possible. Still, for good measure, just in case the event is something that is actually a little fancier than what you have expected to attend, bring it with you just in case you have a need for it somewhere along the way.

You also need to make sure that you are able to wear sensible shoes to the event.

You should, of course, go for something that looks fairly nice and interesting but when it all comes down to it, you should prioritize how comfortable the shoes are. You are going to be doing a lot of running around and walking around. You need to equip yourself enough to keep up with events as they come along.

Crucial Tips For Baby Photography

Schedule within 10 days upon birth

baby photography tipsA strategic way of making sure that the baby photography shoot pans out just as smoothly and just as easily as you would like it to do so is to schedule the shoot within the first ten days of the baby’s life as much as possible. Talk to the clients ahead of time and make sure that the schedule is something that you are able to figure out with them. They need to know that it really is quite crucial to make sure that you shoot in all of the right timelines because the baby does not really know how to manage himself accordingly.

The first 10 days of the baby’s life is the most peaceful time for the baby. He really hasn’t figured out just yet that he is already in the outside world. The baby is usually asleep all throughout this particular period and this is something that will be able to work to your advantage as the expert in baby photography.

Set things properly

Get to check out the schedules down pat and make sure that you are able to really set things up properly as much as possible. When you schedule the baby photography shoot later than the advised first 10 days, the baby tends to become a little more active and they tend to have more objections when you try to have them do certain poses. It will save you so much time and so much effort in baby photography if you get to shoot in the right time.

Get close to the baby as much as possible.

Shooting from your own perspective which is usually from up high or much higher than where the baby actually is will not work out well for what you are trying to do in baby photography. Don’t be afraid to go low or to even crouch down a bit if you have to if it is what it will take for you to come up with great looking baby photography shots. Babies are pretty small and they can at times feel and look a bit helpless and vulnerable. Shooting from an angle that looks down can really make the photos that you produce feel a little bit too much and that is not something that you would want to do. You need to play up the aura of the baby and make it a point to really make get the angle to look up as much as possible. When you shoot pictures with the angle looking up, you are able to make sure that the subject gains some kind of power, at least in the photos that you are taking during the baby photography shoot.

Turn the flash off as much as possible.

If you will be able to go ahead and make do with natural light in baby photography, then you should go ahead and do so by all means. Natural light is one of the most flattering kinds of lighting that you could ever use for baby photography and that is why you should take advantage of this as much as possible. If you will not be able to make the shot without artificial lighting, then at least go for something that is steadier, like a strobe light or something like that that.

Basics of Natural Wedding Photography

natural wedding photographyNatural wedding photography may sound like a bit of a long stretch when you come to think about it, but this is something that a lot of potential clients out there will be asking you about before they decide to book you. Although this sounds like something easy to pull off, there is actually a lot more work going on in the background so be sure and be prepared enough to hike up your sleeves to get down and dirty because it can turn out to be really so much tougher than you would think. And although it can turn out to be a bit stressful and tiresome to go through with, what you can be quite rest assured of is that this is really quite rewarding once everything has been said and done and that is something that you can always take to the bank every single time. The principles surrounding natural wedding photography are actually fairly simple and easy enough to understand. It’s the execution that requires a little more effort compared to the usual traditional and choreographed photos that usually come along with wedding photography in general. However, you will eventually get the hang of things as you go along.

Encourage and incorporate the concept

The best and the ultimate time tested technique when it comes to initiating natural wedding photography during your photo shoot is for you to constantly encourage and incorporate the concept or the idea of touch in the photos that you are trying to compose and capture. This is applicable in the photos that have more than just one subject such as the couple pictures or the group pictures.

As much as possible, try to avoid having people have some kind of physical gap from one another when they are posing for the pictures during the photo shoot. Have them bridge the gap as much as possible. Sometimes, all it takes is the simple task of huddling in closer than usual. When there’s some kind of gap between people, it gives off the notion that there is some kind of divide between them somehow and it can be quite striking and apparent in the photos and that is something that you should go ahead and try to avoid, if you will be able to help it.

Get people to walk back and forth, especially when you are shooting the couple being wed.

Natural wedding photography is all about incorporating all of the right natural movements that come along with what people usually do and that is technically what walking is all about, when it all comes down to it. Have the couple walk away from you, slowly, but in a fairly flowing and freeing manner and document that accordingly. Then have have walk back and take photos of those moments as well. Walking is something that can make people feel a little more relaxed that usual and it is something that people won’t really have to think too much about so it’s perfect for the natural wedding photography style you are pulling off.

How to Manage People Under You as a Wedding Photographer

wedding photography tipsBreaking out into the industry as a professional wedding photographer can be a tough job to handle but what you can be rest assured of is the fact that for as long as this is something that you really love doing and something that you can follow through with passion and with gusto, there is nothing impossible for you at this point. It can be quite normal and even understandable for you to see things from your own perspective and to want them to pan out just the way that you would like them to pan out all of the time.

Although this is fairly alright to start off with when you are on a fairly small scale, the moment that you start growing your name as well as growing the clients that you are able to book as a wedding photographer, you might not have the same sealed and shut control that you would like to maintain when it all comes down to it. And you know what, that’s not always a bad thing. Although this may be something that tends to go against the grain, especially for people who are closet control freaks, this is something that you will need to learn and live with if you want to make it as a wedding photographer.

Outsource some tasks

You will have to outsource some tasks one way or the other because running a business and shooting weddings as a lake district wedding photographer are things that you will not be able to juggle all alone and that can be a bit of a challenge for you. You are going to need the help of some people one way or the other. The people that you bring in may be qualified and you may like them the way they are but if there is one thing that you need to remind yourself of all of the time, when it all comes down to it, they are not you. What this means is that you are going to have to adjust to their learning curves as well as to the pace that they have. If they don’t know how to do things as efficiently as you do right off the bat, show them how to do it right for a couple of times and then give them a little more time to acclimate to the tasks. Be patient and be understanding. Although they may be trying their best, they might not have the same technical background as well as the same credentials and experiences that you have under your belt when it all comes down to it.

Respect people

Treat people with respect at all times, especially those that you are outsourcing your tasks to as a wedding photographer. Shooting a wedding and the enormous amount of work that usually comes along with it is already stressful enough as it is. You certainly don’t want to add on to that stress by shouting at people and by getting into fights with them. Deal with them with a cool head and collect your thoughts before you say anything you might end up regretting.

Why Get a Non-Wedding Photographer Job

Although going after your dreams as a wedding photographer can easily turn out to be the perfect way to achieve everything that you have always wanted to do and everything that you have always felt quite strongly about, just upping and leaving may not be the best way to go. If you are fresh out of school with the rest of the future up ahead left pretty much to tons of possibilities without you having to worry about the right here and the right now, then by all means, go ahead and take the jump. However, if you are already married or if you have kids or if you currently have a fairly stable and high paying job or if you have mortgage payments to take care of and so on and so forth, upping and leaving can turn out to be really bad advice and might end up to be something that you will eventually get to regret the moment that things turn sour and the moment that things don’t pan out exactly as you would like them to at the end of the day.

Incur various expenses

You have to understand that in the real world, you have a lot of things to worry about as well and most of these things are usually necessities of life in general. You are still going to have to pay for your rent which is due in two weeks. You still need to pay for those backlogged credit card bills. You still have a phone and cable subscription that you will have to follow through with until the end of the term. You still need to eat. The fairly mundane things that you don’t really pay too much attention to can quickly turn out to be the center of the process the moment that you decide to make the jump and become a wedding photographer but you don’t really have clients jumping at the chance to book you left and right. You might have to wait it out for your first big break but guess what, your bills won’t. You will still need to pay them one way or the other and that is next to impossible if you don’t have any income coming in.

Maintain a steady income

A smart way for you to help keep things afloat until you will be able to establish your career commercially as a wedding photographer would be to maintain a steady income somewhere in the background. If this means that you need to keep two jobs to support your dreams and so that you have more than enough money to invest in photography classes as well as in professional photography equipment, there really is no harm in taking that route. It might not be easy but it will help keep the pressure off of having to book clients right away especially all throughout the lean wedding season. A job is also something that can really diversify your connections as a Berkshire wedding photographer and it can be quite helpful in really getting your name out there when it all comes down to it.

The Business Side of Wedding Photography

wedding photography tipsIf you have been delving into your wedding photography habit for quite a while now enough for you to make it a point to make a career out of it one way or the other, then what you need to understand is the fact that it is not enough to just be skilled on the photography side of things alone.

There is also the business side of things that you will need to worry about and get things in order. The first order of business is your most bankable set of skills, of course. You need to make sure that you are always able to stay ahead of the competition by getting some kind of formal training.

Take a look at all of the photography courses available out there and review those that will more or less suit you the most when it all comes down to it. You have to tread carefully when it comes to things like these though because of the fact that this is something that will more or less cost you a lot of money at the end of the day. It is the kind of investment that you should not take lightly at all.

Research the photography courses out there that will suit the style of photography that you would like to develop one way or the other.

Also look into the background of the teacher who will be conducting the classes that you will be attending. Then there is the issue of the schedule that you will need to look into as well. Make sure that you ultimately go for something that works well for you. If you cannot attend regular classes for the photography course, then you should go for online classes.

You should also learn how you will be able to bank on the strengths that you have in the business.

Work on your strengths and capitalize on them. Improve on them as much as you can. On the other hand, you need to be quite honest when it comes to assessing the things that you are not that good with. Learn to hire out your weaknesses because at the end of the day, you cannot afford to get things half done and that really is the long and short of it, when you come to think of it. If you are not that good when it comes to the balancing of the books, or when it comes to marketing, writing, packing the services, quoting, and so on and so forth; then you should seriously learn how to hire them out. Le the professionals work on what they do best because for as far as starting a Seattle wedding photography business is concerned, you need to start off with nothing less than the best.

You should also understand the fact that things will not be all that easy for you to begin with.

You will come across a lot of difficulty when it comes to establishing your brand and your place in the niche. Just stay strong and soldier on.

Simple Wedding Photography Strategies

Always prepare for the unexpected.wedding photography tips

Wedding photography will more or less require you to always think on your feet. There will be a lot of unpredictable factors and variables to consider when it comes to the wedding photography event that you will have to cover. This is something that you should pretty much understand and prepare for well ahead of time. There will be times wherein things do not fall out and happen no matter how much you were able to plan out for it. Although it may be true that at some point or so, a wedding event does have some kind of a sequence or repertoire, but in the real world setting, it very seldom happens wherein the schedule is really followed through on in the exact schedule that has initially been mapped out for it. This is no reason for you to be frustrated with things though. These things happen, as night follows day. Learn how to deal with the situation as they happen and learn how to cross the bridge when you get there. One common example is that if you have scheduled a bridal shoot about an hour before the wedding starts, you will need to cut that in half and expect thirty minutes instead, or less, if you can help it.

Let the kids be kids.

There will always be kids attending weddings and this is something that you will need to be able to pre-empt one way or the other. Kids are not the best of listeners and more than that, they do not really take to instructions all that well at times and that should also be something that you should not stress over too much when it all comes down to it. As a matter of fact, it may even turn out to work to your advantage if you know how to turn the tables. Let the kids be themselves. If they want to play around a little, act silly, and basically just be kids in general; then by all means, let them. Watch out for moments like these and make sure that you are able to document accordingly. As the hired wedding photographer Manchester, learn how to string the photos together so you can eventually build up a story out of it at some point. The unplanned moments are sometimes the ones that end up making the most adorable of shots so always be on the lookout for them.

Bring a white sheet along especially for outdoor wedding photography shoots.

Wedding photography does come with some tricky shots and settings. You have to take note of the fact that the bride will be a little iffy with having to pose somewhere muddy and moist and end up messing up the wedding gown in the process. You can save the day by bringing in a white sheet that the couple can stand on. This is also something that works well if you find the flooring a bit distracting. A white sheet is something that can go a long way for as far as keeping the bride and groom’s clothes in line and well protected.

Wedding Photographer Business Tips

Enroll yourself in a photography course.wedding photography tips

As a wedding photographer, you will need to understand the concept of investment. One of the most important and most valuable things that you will ever get to invest on one way or the other would have to be on yourself. A formal training or some kind of credential will basically bring you up a notch above most of your competition. You have to keep in mind of the fact that the wedding photography niche is a cut throat niche and you will need to really establish your reputation and find your place in a niche that already has one too many wedding photographers out there running shop and being open for business. This is something that you will have to really approach with caution though because at the end of it all, it is something that will cost you a lot of money so you might as well make sure that you are able to choose well.

Research the photography course or workshop that you are thinking about attending. Check out the teacher who is facilitating the curriculum. Find out what you can about that teacher’s background and photography style and whether or not he has actually made a mark in the photography world. There is also the style that you would have to consider. You will have to look into whether or not it is something that will work well with your current style or with the kind of style that you would like to develop.

Do not be picky with the jobs you get at first.

You will not be getting offers and bookings left and right in the beginning and that is quite normal. There is no need for you to stress it. Things really will be quite slow in the beginning but over time, you will get to nurture your network of contacts and you will find that you will be able to book more and more clients more easily. In the meantime, take whatever experience you may get, be it as a north east wedding photographer or as any kind of paid photographer, for that matter.

You will be pleasantly surprised to know that every leg of photography out there will definitely have something to offer one way or the other in terms of knowledge and technique. Soak this all up because these are skills that you will undoubtedly be able to use in the long run.

Surround yourself with constant inspiration.

It is important for you to learn how to keep the inspiration and the creative juices running as a wedding photographer who is quite new to the scene. Get a mentor, preferably a more established wedding photographer than you are. Follow the blogs of people who inspire you and surround yourself constantly with art.

Hire out your weaknesses.

Bank on the things that you are good at and hire out the things that you are not that good at. At the end of the day, you cannot really get to do it all.

How To Break Into Commercial Photography

1. Establish early on what the clients are expecting from the commercial photography service.

commercial photography tips

You cannot afford any kinds of surprises when it comes to the commercial photography niche. You will need to find out exactly what you are getting into and what your clients are technically expecting for you to make sure that this is something that you will be able to follow through on quite easily enough and without so much as a hitch, when it all comes down to it. You need to make sure that at some point or so, you know exactly how many hours are being required of you, whether they want you to travel to a location or not, how many shots they are expecting, if they require any variations for these shots, and so on and so forth. Not establishing the expectations of the clients early on can be quite dangerous in such a way wherein you might be caught up in a compromising situation if, by any chance, they decide to change anything at a moment’s whim and you are not prepared enough for it.

If you have gotten this taken care of in the very beginning though, you can always go back and tell them (or remind them) what the initial terms were when both parties agreed to the service and should there be variations, there might be some differences in the prices as well. This is to make sure that you are always able to protect your interests and not come up with some sort of a deficit for the services that you have rendered in the long run.

2. Ask the clients what the intended use for the images is.

Orient yourself with the intricacies of usage rights and license rights. As the expert on commercial photography, one of the very first questions that you should be asking with regards to the service is what the clients are planning to use the images for. This is where you do a few adjustments on your quoting for the price of the commercial photography service. If it’s for something really low key like a local newspaper, it would not make sense for you to charge the price of what the service will be for say, a high end international magazine. You will need to balance off the rate and more importantly, you will need to weigh this as well with regards to the kind of reputation that you have managed to build up leading up to that moment. If you are quite new to the commercial photography scene, it will not make sense of you to hike up your prices with no experience to boast about or to back you up at some point.

3. Work on your price quoting for your commercial photography service.

Again, we circle back to the fact that there are a lot of thought processes and analysis that goes into the quoting of a commercial photography service. You will need to think things through and weigh in your experiences, expenses, gear being used, the aspect of travel (if applicable), and so on and so forth. You need to price competitively in such a way that clients will prefer you over the competition but not too low wherein you will come off as desperate and might lead to you losing out in profits instead of gaining them.

Food Photography Tips For The Ultimate Starter

Work on keeping your ingredients as fresh food photographeras possible.

Food photography is all about presentation. If you would like to be able to showcase your food in the best way possible, then you need to make sure that the camera sees nothing but the freshest of ingredients at the end of the day. This can be a bit tricky if you are not the one doing the cooking or the one who is doing the plating and all that but if you are just merely photographing the food, then all it takes is for you to just make sure that you get to show the side of the plate that showcases the freshest of all of the ingredients.

If you are trying to photograph fruits and vegetables, one trick would be a few quick swipes of olive oil to make the skin glisten or shine a little bit to make it more “photo friendly”. Try to go for the plate angle that offers the crispest and the freshest greens. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple turn of the plate to a different side and that’s it.

Make use of strategically positioned backlight to make your food pop out.

When professional photographers say that lighting is everything, they are no just joining the bandwagon. There is a reason behind it. When it all comes down to it, lighting really can make or break a photo and that is something that you should keep in mind all of the time. The best and the tested and proven kind of lighting that really does work for photography is the back light effect. In a sense, all that it takes would be to make sure that you are able to position the lighting right at the back of the plate. This simple way of placing the order of things will really get to help you out in making the food look like it is about to pop out of the pictures. If you take a look at the professional cookbooks and all of the other professional food catalogs out there, back light is the overly use strategy that works every single time and that is something that you should be smart enough to adhere to as well.

Make use of white plates for food photography.

One of the best ways of presenting food in food photography is by using white plates. If you are keen enough to notice this, a lot of hotels, restaurants, and caterers actually serve their food on white plates. A white is a fairly blank and neutral canvass and it is quite perfect in making sure that the focal point of the pictures being taken is mainly just the food and nothing else. Anything more interesting or more colorful than a white plate and it will already take the attention away from the food.

Clean the sides of the plates when you are getting them ready for food photography.

Nobody likes a messy plate. As a food photographer, keep a clean napkin in handy so that you can give your plates a nice swipe to get rid of any food stains or spillage before you move on to getting the photos taken. Food photography is a precision trade, after all.

Why a Wedding Photographer Needs a Tripod

tripodSharp pictures

A great tripod can help the wedding photographer enhance the sharpness of the pictures that you take for your wedding photography gigs. What you need to understand is the absolute fact that a sturdy tripod is something that will really get to you sharp photos almost every time for as long as the tripod is something that is set up the right way at some point or so. The general rule of thumb to follow when it comes to you wanting to take really great and sharp looking pictures would be the fact that the sharper the shutter speed of the camera is, when paired up with a tripod technically holding it down, results to the greatest possible pictures imaginable. The only way for you to make sure that you get the best kind of resolution would be to eliminate the aspect of camera shakes and this is only something that you can do with the help of a tripod that has been set up the right way. You also have to remember that more often than not, during wedding photography shoots, lenses with longer focal lengths tend to destabilize the camera a lot and nothing can really take the place of a great high quality tripod to support it.

Maximum depth of field

The use of a tripod will also ensure that a wedding photographer nottingham will be able to achieve the maximum depth of field possible. More often than not, unless during those really rare special occasions wherein you will have to shoot in areas that have a tremendous amount of natural light, your camera will automatically default to shooting the images in a far slower shutter speed at some point in its attempt to provide your image with the appropriate amount of exposure in the best possible way. Being able to max out the depth of speed for your images will bring in an impressive amount of sharpness from the background all the way to the foreground. If you want to be able to shoot your images with the best kind of artistic effects at some point, the best way to go about with it would be to select a small aperture on your camera settings, set the camera to shoot on manual mode, and of course, mount the camera on tripod for the filming of the images.

Control images

The tripod is also one of the most absolute tools when it comes to controlling the aspect of shooting the images. You will get to afford the liberty of composing your pictures in the most perfect way possible with the use of tilting, height adjustments through the center post, and its panning. Panning refers to the lateral rotation of the tripod. Tilting refers to the vertical swing of the tripod. A tripod will also get you the best possible assistance when it comes to getting low ground shots or low angle shooting. You will be able to bank on precision and stability and get pretty much the same successive shots using different kinds of image exposures.

Wedding Photography Business Tips

Create a blog.wedding photography business

You have to first and foremost understand what the wedding photography blog is for to begin with. What you will need to digest and get out of the way well ahead of time is the fact that the blog is not meant for your current clients but is instead intended for your future clients.

What most wedding photography experts do not realize is the fact that the blog actually serves a far more powerful purpose other than just being the secondary mini online portfolio for their wedding photography gigs. The blog is actually an incredibly powerful marketing tool that can bring in future clients (and bring in a lot of them) if done the right way. Your blog is the very first thing that your future clients will get to review before they even decide to book a meeting with you and discuss details or pricing quotes. This is technically your digital face out in the world so if you are going to do or write one, you might as well make sure that your wedding photography blog is done the right way.

Know your clients well.

As the official wedding photographer Bedfordshire, you need to meet with the bride and groom and discuss the important must have shots that are considered as deal breakers. Make sure that you list everything down and commit to that list. You will also have to make sure that you do not miss anything at all once you are actually in the process of covering the wedding. There have been endless arguments between the bride and groom and the wedding photographers about missed shots and they can get really ugly really fast, you will not even know what hit you.

Keep in mind that weddings are extremely emotionally charged events. They are the milestones that mark the coming together of lives and families and should be treated with as much respect and reverence as they deserve. Suffice it to say, the last thing that you might want to get into is an argument with your clients blaming you for being negligent with your shots. That is not the kind of argument that you would like to be in at any time of the day. It is not good for business or for personal morale.

Capitalize on your strengths or in the things that you are good in and hire out the areas that you are not that good in.

The point is that you are only human and you most certainly cannot do it all. If you want to create a fairly successful working model, you will need to objectively assess yourself and really think about the things that you are good in and the things that you are not so good in. Like most people in the wedding photography industry, it is usually a given that you are very well versed with your photography craft. However, you may not be able to claim the same claims when it comes to marketing and bookkeeping. In that case, you should be smart with the way that you handle things and let the pros in those areas handle it instead.

Makeup Knowledge a Wedding Photographer Should Know

wedding photography makeupAs a wedding photographer, you should be well aware of the fact that the kind of makeup that the bride wears can definitely make or break what may be regarded as a great looking photo. One wrong makeup can run everything for you at some point and that is why you will need to make sure that everything is set up and prepared the right way. You need to be able to identify what constitute great makeup and what constitutes bad makeup and be able to tell the difference in between.

No matter what kind of technique or strategies you may employ as a wedding photographer London, all will be laid to waste if you get a makeup artist who does not understand the concepts of light and shadow and how photography comes into play among all of those variables. You do not have to do the makeup or get into the makeup process per se, but you can provide some insight into the minds of the makeup artists that you work with.

A high quality primer will prove to be the best base for wedding makeup.

Primer comes with so many different benefits. Not only will it help erase any fine lines as well as any minor flaws, it will also make the rest of the colors stay put all throughout the wedding event. As you may know, makeup tends to fade due to heat, sweat, and so on and so forth. A primer will serve not only as a base but as something that has tremendous staying power as well. The better the bride’s makeup is, the easier your job will be in making sure she comes out glowing and beautiful as ever.

Remind the makeup artist to extend the foundation all the way down to the neck.

You should know that keeping the makeup just until up to the jaw line is a big mistake. More than that, it is a mistake that can prove to look quite obvious and look really wrong once the photos come out. What you want is makeup that does not look like makeup. After all, it takes a lot of work and a lot of makeup as well to look like you are not wearing any and still look your best. Let the makeup artist understand this so that you do not have to encounter any problems with the bride’s head looking like it is a completely different shade altogether compared to her neck. She will end up looking silly in the photos and that is the last thing that you would like to happen.

Explain the importance of contouring.

Contouring can make the face look far more pronounced and far slimmer than it actually is. Contouring is the magic of makeup and is something that should be taken advantage of especially given the fact that it can really frame the face of the bride and of the other people that you need to take photos of. Master all of these tips and you can never go wrong. Your bride will come out looking as beautiful as ever.

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