The Two Sides of Wedding Photographers Surrey as Business Owners

wedding photographers SurreyWhat does it take to run a successful business? Some people will a hard work while others might say smart work. However, we think that it is a combination of both. You need to think smartly about what you want your business to achieve several years from now, think of a way to achieve it and then implement the ideas you come up with and ensure all your actions fall in line with the set plans. Like we said, this all boils down to working smart and hard at the same time. However, for most wedding photographers Surrey who own their own businesses, the issue of responsibilities is not something they are accustomed to or aware of. But, when they make a decision to commence a business, they are hit with them unknowingly.

To make the process of starting a business easier for you to comprehend and to also improve your awareness of what starting a business entails, read below:

  • Owner

As the owner of the business, you definitely do not want to see the toil of your sweat as well as your efforts be wasted. So, what can you do to ensure you are exempted from this? Well, first and foremost, you need to ensure that all decisions you make regarding your business are not from a biased or uninformed standpoint. You need to ensure that facts relating to decision making are within our reach and if need be, seek advice from more experienced individuals so as to make the right choice for you and your company.

Since most photography businesses are usually owned and run by one individual, it is highly likely that the decisions that are made would often be biased towards the owner’s preference. If you find that this is you more often than not, then it is time to take a step back and reevaluate your decisions whether they were subjective or objective in nature.

  • Risk taker

As a business owner, you cannot be risk averse! For wedding photographers Surrey, it needs to be understood that risk taking is a part of the business world. If photographers do not make risqué decisions, some of the most talked about pieces of photography in the world today would not receive the attention they are getting. Sometimes, playing on the safe side does you more harm than good.

In this case as the business owner, the decision as to whether or not commit to certain things will fall on you. In these types of decisions, you cannot be on the fence that is in the safe zone. You have to decide if you are all in or totally out. In some occasions, playing it safe is permissible but if you find that you are always toeing that line, you will realize that the growth of your business will be stagnated and in the long run can affect the chances of survival of the business as a whole.

For more information on the many hats wedding photographers Surrey will have to wear, visit

The Grand Rapids Photographers Answer to Whether Film Is Better than Digital for Weddings?

Grand Rapids photographerFor photographers, it is not rare to discover that they have their own quirks and preferences. One of such cases is the issue of whether or not digital cameras are better than film cameras when it comes to shooting. Therefore, we decided to ask for the opinion of Grand Rapids Photographers on this.

According to what most of them had to say, both of these types of cameras have their pros and cons. However, the dislike for one over the other is due to a lot of misleading information about the qualities of a digital camera and a film camera. So, let’s go into more detail about what these cameras are and their compositions.


A popular misunderstanding about the reason why Grand Rapids photographers would opt for the film camera as opposed to its digital counterpart is that only a computer illiterate or one with the unwillingness to edit digital files would prefer it. Well, that opinion is wrong!

Another wrong information about the film camera is that it does not require additional work after the photographer is done shooting with it. At the end of the shoot, all the photographer needs to do is print out the images in a dark room where all the retouching and balance adjustments are automatically done. Well, this is also another conception that has to be tossed aside.

From a technical standpoint, film offers a lot of pros in terms of a wide ranges. This is something which a digital camera is not capable of providing. Therefore, you can expect that when the scenes being shot need high contrasts, a film camera is bound to create a better image.


The main reason why the Grand Rapids photographers prefer film is due to the fact that it places the control of the entire photography process within the hands of the photographer. The photographer might take the picture but the final outcome is not decided by the camera but the photographer personally. The photographer does not have to rely on the camera to get the perfect image. With the help of a computer and editing software, certain highlights of an image can be tweaked to fit in line with what the photographer has in mind.

Also, when compared to film, shooting with a digital camera is less expensive.

The photographer can go on shooting images in different frames without running out of film or incurring extra charges in buying more film. All the photographer needs to worry about is memory space. A photographer can easily make a backup of images on a system and free up memory space on the camera.

The backup option for digital images is another one of the pros in its favor. A single image can be stored on different platforms or devices to be used in future. It does not have to be on the camera. So, in case of a disaster, the photographer is rest assured of the fact that their photographs are still intact elsewhere. The same thing cannot be said about film and as a result, you are likely to find most Grand Rapids photographers like using digital.

A Wedding Photographer Cardiff Checklist for Perfect Pictures

wedding photographer CardiffAs a wedding photographer, there are a few reasons you want perfect pictures.

  1. You want to impress the couple
  2. You want help the couple create memories that will outlive them
  3. You need to stay ahead of the competition

There are various ways a wedding photographer Cardiff can do this and create a reputation as a good wedding photographer.

You can brand your business, get a good website, post regularly, get the word out, sign up for wedding expos and exhibitions, and increase traffic. Or you could simply make sure that you snap the perfect wedding pictures.

A Perfect Wedding Photograph?

Defining a perfect wedding photograph is based entirely on context. There is no one definition fits all. A picture taken in the chapel can be perfect. Another taken outside the chapel can also be beautiful. Most importantly however, having perfect wedding photographs will make you stand out.

While a perfect wedding picture might have lots of other important elements, good wedding photographs have 2 major focusses. Either they focus on the couple, or on the environment in which the pictures were taken

This is where keeping track comes in. You might have all the skills and experience, but if you forget key pictures on the wedding day, you might be missing out on creating the ideal wedding album for the couple and the ideal portfolio for yourself.

Checklist to remember

Again, this is where the idea of a checklist can save a wedding photographer Cardiff a lot of trouble. A checklist is meant to help you remember.

A wedding checklist is a list of important scenarios and moments to capture.

Every photographer is unique. Experienced wedding photographers over the years know by memory all the important moments to capture and so might depend less on the checklist. But budding wedding photographers will usually depend on the checklist more. Irrespective, if you want to get perfect pictures, you will need a checklist to help you remember.

To make this easy, I have prepared a list that contains some of the important pictures you might want to take. If you want to snap the perfect wedding pictures then don’t leave out these.

  • The pre-wedding shots. Pre-wedding shots are important. They help the couple get acquainted to you; they get familiar and they are not nervous or jittery on their wedding day.
  • Photographs of the bride’s jewellery
  • Photographs of the groom’s wristwatches and ties.
  • Photograph of the bride’s dress and shoes.
  • Photographs of the groom’s suits and shoes.
  • Angle shots of the wedding invitation with focus on the names of the couple
  • Pictures of the venue from outside. Here, it is best if you take the pictures from an angle rather than the front. For example, if there are trees around, take those pictures along the line of trees.
  • Pictures of the bride dressing up.
  • Pictures of the groom getting ready.
  • Photographs of the bride with her best, intimate or childhood friends.
  • Photographs of the groom with his best friend’s and groomsmen
  • Pictures of the wedding venues from the inside.
  • Pictures of the flowers, cutlery, DJ stand or live band stages and so on.
  • Pictures of guests walking in
  • Pictures if the bride being led down the aisle
  • Pictures of the expression on the face of the groom as he sees his bride walk down the aisle
  • Pictures of both of them connecting and kissing as they say their vows to each other.


The perfect wedding pictures are not elusive. As a wedding photographer Cardiff, they are usually on the tips of your fingers. However, remembering can be a daunting task as you have a lot on your plate. Take a good look at this checklist every time you have a wedding event and your perfect pictures are only a click away.

Book Your Calgary Newborn Photography Now!

Calgary newborn photographyParents want the best for the little one. Every single passing moment is precious to them because a child grows so fast, you can feel like he was still a wee baby sleeping in his cradle. That is why we want you to book your Calgary newborn photography session before it’s too late!

It’s not just about snapping some pictures, because we know for one that many parents had wished they planned things earlier. They did not know how short a newborn moment is. For a few days, they are just sleeping most of the time and are so small and calm. You often wrap them with a blanket to keep them warm and they only cry for food. Such a tranquil moment gives mothers time to rest and enjoy the moment.

And this moment lasts for only two weeks at most.

Months early

Your due date is still months away, but trust us when we tell you this is the best time to look. A newborn photographer is often booked way in advance to secure a place and time right after they have the baby. We know you also want the same, but if you look after you have your baby, you will have a problem finding someone available at the time you need him to be.

During your pregnancy, you have all the time to look and ask around. You can even meet and discuss a little bit with them regarding how the session goes and what you may need to bring. It’s great to be able to prepare yourself early before your delivery.

Professional hands

When you look, it’s important to find only professional hands like Dulce Baby Photography to work on your Calgary newborn photography. There are many reasons to do so. For one, you want to ensure the safety of your newborn baby and be assured you are handing him in the right hand. And then, you want a photographer who is concerned about the baby’s safety as well.

Someone will a long experience on the job with little to no complaint would mean he never messes up on the job. That includes taking care of the baby, too.

Then, there’s the skill to capture and edit the pictures. Almost all of us own a smartphone which is usually equipped with a camera. And today, it’s not even expensive to find one with a decent camera. But not everyone has the eye of a photographer! It’s not easy to know which angles work best, how much lighting is necessary or what props to use.

And then, there’s the fact that you cannot use the same ideas on every baby!

Precious moments

This is the moment you don’t want to miss. To find someone capable, you need to look early, best is during your 4th months when you feel more comfortable to go around. You and partner have to meet the photographers, talk and then plan how the photography date will be settled. If you don’t look for your Calgary newborn photography early, you will have to waste even more time looking!

Most photographers do not dare to promise you a date since they might have other clients waiting and they still have to plan for you!

Luxury Wedding Photography: How to Find a Right Guy

luxury wedding photographyEvery wedding photographer does their best in providing their service. And every wedding photographer will tell you that they are the best at what they do. You will come across multiple people saying that they provide luxury wedding photography service, but for all you know, everyone can be saying the same thing.

Then, how do you find the right person for the job? How do you look through their marketing efforts and see them for the professional photographer they are.

They listen

These photographers listen to you while you talk about your wedding. They want to know as many things about it as possible and be sure about the solutions they can offer to you. For example, you might have a limited budget for your wedding photography. A good photographer will be able to offer you something that won’t force you to pay way over what you can, but still get what you need.

The photographer will also tell you what he knows. It could be something like having worked at a similar location before or knowing how to help with giving inputs on the wedding venue decoration.

They show proof

A professional wedding photographer will show you his proof of having worked on so many weddings before. They are called portfolios and you can see them on the photographer’s site. Most of the time, though, the photographers only show the best pictures they have ever taken. And there is one site that we want to heavily recommend for luxury wedding photography and that is

However, don’t just stop with the portfolios. Make sure that you know the photographer’s real capabilities by asking for their whole album to know his real skills. It’s best that you judge the photographer’s skills after you’ve seen the overall work because that’s the example of the actual end product that you will get.

They plan

A serious wedding photographer will plan his day to make sure that he gets all the wedding pictures at the wedding venue. A proper planning will help everyone get to where they need to and achieve the number of pictures that have been promised before. These photographers will then consult with you about the plan and make sure that you know how many pictures will be taken.

The photographers will also tell you when there is a need to change or adjust the schedule because of lack of time. Especially if you hire your photographer with a time limit, you want to get the most out of those hours.

They edit (just enough)

A good wedding photographer will not try to change your look to make the wedding pictures look better. You shouldn’t have a change of facial features for that to happen. A good wedding photographer will commit to providing the best luxury wedding photography results by editing just enough to enhance the pictures.

You won’t see a major change in you or your partner and everything will look natural with just enough touch by your wedding photographer. Editing is an important part of a photography and it’s only right when done with the right dose.

How to Choose Your Wedding Photography Package?

wedding photographyBefore you start hunting for a wedding photographer, it’s best that you know not just who, but what you want. Each wedding photographer has his own specialty and some of them offer their services in a different way. Each couple also has their own preferences and things that they consider important. But in this case, yes, we will show you in general, what you need in a wedding photography package.

The first thing you need is one professional York wedding photographer who will be responsible for everything. An additional shooter is optional and is very useful if you think that your party is going to be big. In fact, it’s recommended because a second shooter takes more pictures and help cover more things in the wedding. You will also end up with more pictures compared to hiring on a single wedding photographer.

The number of hours you decided to hire your wedding photographer for is also important.

The more you are willing to spend, the longer the hours. Some even offer to work for a whole day and give you a bonus of 3 additional hours for a separate event. A whole day sounds very tempting and actually, in general, one needs 8-10 hours a day to get all the necessary pictures.

So, does that you mean you are always better off with a whole day package? Again, if budget is an issue, you should first settle with the most important part of the wedding. Is it the ceremony or the reception, because you can opt to hire the photographer for only 4 hours instead. You can still ask to have some formally taken pictures before or after the event.

A professional wedding photography provider that we know is from We would like to genuinely praise his talent and would love it if you could check this site out for amazing wedding pictures.

Watch it that your contract doesn’t say anything about an extra fee for the distance traveled if it’s still within an understandable range. You have to talk about it with your York wedding photographer first about the extra charge you may have to pay outside of the wedding package. Some photographers don’t ask for more if the wedding is held within 100 miles, but some start charging when it’s above 50 miles away.

Last, but obviously not the least, is to provide you with a wedding album.

This is often a separate item that you need to ask to be included, but some photographers make their wedding photography packages to include various kinds of prints. All these prints are great to have as you might not have another chance to go and print all these things!

A wedding album is typically made of higher quality than a wedding book and is more durable in comparison. But they also cost a lot more, but we personally think it’s worth it. If you ever want to print your pictures, be sure to go with the album, because a book won’t last as long as you thought it would. In fact, an album is the finishing product that will make hiring your photography to be worth it.

Professional Wedding Photography: Speaking Like One

Greenwich wedding photographerIt’s important for a Greenwich wedding photographer to take pictures like a pro, but also show that you are one. A wedding photographer must learn to how to speak professionally to convince your clients that you are capable of the job. It is one of that service where you will only get once in your whole life. Because of that, clients can be very worried about whether they are making the right choice.

Partly marketing

In many businesses, the product or service quality is important, but marketing is just as important. Frontline service, or to put it simply, the relationship of the clients with the people they directly communicate with matters a lot. Just like that, how you treat your clients and how they feel about you personally may also affect their judgment.

The photography business is something where little things about the pictures are concrete. Others think that your artworks are amazing, but there are also people who just don’t like your work. Those who consider setting up meetings with you are definitely interested in your work. The reason for this meeting is partly to know what kind of person they are working with.

Find out what they like

The first question that you can ask would be their favorite from your works. Most probably, they saw your works online and you might have put up only the best ones in there. This way, you can find out which part of your style that they love the most. The discussion can also be more directed as you can answer their questions they way they want to hear it be.

For example, you can look at some of the best works from a Greenwich wedding photographer at You can see that the photographer has some great aesthetics view or simply amazing techniques as a fellow photographer/enthusiast.

Listen more

Don’t try to take over the discussion by giving out everything you know about photography. There’s a chance that they don’t really want to know all that; they just need a consultation with you, not a photography lecture. This will let them feel like they are really being heard out. Some of the worse things a photographer can do are to promote himself during this session.

Ask questions

Don’t just ask that one question. Ask more as a form of feedback to the client’s explanations. One way to feel like you are heard is to be asked questions about the things that you just talked about. It shows that the photographer has a personal interest in you and what you said. However, ask constructive questions that will help clarify the details of the wedding.

Have confidence

Have confidence in your own skills. Many photographers are often not the best speakers when it comes to it. The shy factor may stem from the fact that they are not used to talking to strangers and be asked to do their best. Confidence should be shown not to others, but to your own skills. A Greenwich wedding photographer has to remember that if you don’t trust in yourself, your clients won’t be able to.

When Will I Need an Alternative Wedding Photographer

alternative wedding photographer ScotlandIt’s truly amazing to meet someone with the same vision as you and to dream of having a marriage that reflects your value. Others might not understand, but your partner definitely does and you want every step of your life to reflect that value together with this person.

But, let’s not go further and talk about your wedding, especially, your wedding pictures. Because of the unique characteristics that you have, have you considered using an alternative wedding photographer?

You’re unique!

To realize that vision you have, you need someone who has the same vision as you. At the same time, most wedding photographers are used to the common wedding processions and are generally prepared for those. True, they still need to understand about their clients, but uniqueness isn’t something that can be clearly seen in them.

To get the wedding pictures that you want, you need a wedding photographer that is willing to work with you. Someone that is willing to understand your value and how it’ll reflect in those pictures.

Example of differences that may require such service is the unconventional venue. While others might see holding their weddings in barns or hotels as a goal, you might love nature so much that you prefer holding one in it. And with it, all the fancy decoration and maybe barefoot dress code to follow. It’s definitely different and you will need someone who is prepared to work on this together with you. It may actually mean getting barefoot themselves as well!

Someone who can do it

In this world where we are now easily connected through the Internet, there’s no reason to say that we couldn’t find the right person. You will still end up with your own wedding pictures and whether or not they will be disappointing is up to you. If you have a problem with where to start looking for an alternative wedding photographer Scotland, there’s always the one you can go to. We always recommend

First and foremost, it’s important that you have a good chat with the wedding photographer. It’s very possible that your wedding is something that photographers have never encountered before. Or probably, very rare. There’s a possibility that he might have the experience, so if he does, that would be good news for you.

One of the most important parts in preparing this is making sure that all your people understand what you want. One way is to talk about it. You may have to spend more time preparing and discussing with your vendors and wedding photographer compared to others.

But dedication always pays off, doesn’t it?

Take your time

Looking for a suitable alternative wedding photographer isn’t an easy task. It may take more time than you thought and you can’t just deal with anyone. It has to be someone who has the qualifications to do it and the understanding to bear your vision. You need to take at least one year in advance when looking for a wedding photographer because good ones are taken early.

So, if you need someone who knows how to take wedding pictures that are different from others, that’s when you want to get an alternative photographer!

Wedding Photography: Avoid Creating a Stale Taste!

wedding photographer Hertfordshire10 years ago, people were praising you as a creative guy. Wedding photography is not an easy job and you were gaining your popularity nicely. But now, as you look at your pictures, you could see that these are the exact same style you had 10 years ago.

Nothing has changed, and for a professional wedding photographer Hertfordshire, that’s a big problem.

When staying isn’t good

There are things that can never wane with time. There are also things that gained back their popularity after a certain time has passed. However, there are things that just fade and gets better. It’s important for a wedding photographer to realize when to adapt and when to stick with the style they have.

10 years ago, people think you have a very trendy way of capturing things. They were very stylish and they loved it. Yet, the youngsters these days cannot appreciate it if you use the same way their parents used to take their pictures with!

Follow the trend

A lot of people say don’t follow the trend, be yourself. But let us say the truth: the trend is there for a reason. Why is everyone doing it? Why is it so great?

Becoming a unique individual is great, but people also want to feel like they’re part of something big. Following the trend is one way to give your clients that sense. And it’s not like you cannot use your own style by following that trend!

For example, rustic, barnyard-themed wedding parties are getting so much popularity. You can see some of the typical poses a wedding photographer Hertfordshire use from Does it mean that following the angles and styles of this photographer is bad? If you can adapt and develop a better style of it, why not?

Always try something new

Exploring a zone you’re not comfortable with isn’t easy. Back then when you thought that shooting in that way is enough, you never thought of trying out new things again. Because even being committed to wedding photography was scary, until you found a strong foundation to keep moving on.

But a professional photographer can never stay in one place. You always need to come up with something new and try them. Don’t worry! They don’t have to be a completely new style or approach to how you shoot things. In your free time, simply change your perspective on things.

Try capture those images from a different angle, for example. Explore new poses and see if they will work well. There’s no one to judge you, so learn doing things in a fresh way.

Practice, practice, practice

After 10 years or more, it’s probably a hard thing to practice like a newbie. You want to say that you’re a professional and that working with the camera is as easy as flipping the back of your hand. The fact is, well, it’s never that easy. Admit that you always need to practice and hone your skills.

A wedding photographer Hertfordshire should never stop practicing, especially if you’re trying out new perspectives or poses. You cannot try them on potential clients as they may fail, so practicing them beforehand is the best choice.

4 Risks of Not Having a Wedding Photographer

Cheshire wedding photographerThe job to take wedding pictures is often overlooked by many. It looks like a very luxurious job, at the same time, a very easy job. How hard can it be to take some pictures when there’s barely anyone who doesn’t own a smartphone that can take decent pictures?

Well, let’s look at the 4 possible risks that you can encounter just because you don’t hire a professional Cheshire wedding photographer. Remember that this can happen to any of us, no matter how much we’ve prepared and prayed.

No decent wedding pictures

At first, you’d think that you can get your wedding pictures from the people who attended your party. There’ll be a lot of people who take pictures and you can ask them. However, you’ll also notice that a lot of these pictures aren’t actually properly taken. Some are taken from a far seat, others don’t really have the photographic skill to take a decent one even from close range. Some might be blurry.

You’d think it’s easy, but a photographer is a job that requires training and studying. How do you take pictures that are not blurry? How to increase the color contrast? How to not shoot from an awful angle? How to see that those shadows are what makes your pictures awful? A pro doesn’t even need to think about these basic principles; it’s ingrained in their eyes and hands.

Too few to look back at

Not just the fact that there’ll be very little chance to get a decent picture, you definitely need more than just one or two. The professional Cheshire wedding photographer from can guarantee you more than hundreds of well-taken and edited wedding pictures.

When you’ve prepared so much for that day, you’ll only realize after it that it was such a short day. So many things happened in a blink of an eye and now you’re sitting at home wondering about it. You want to look back, but there are only a few pictures from that day

No one to take the group pictures

It takes a lot of time just trying to organize and get a group of people who want to congratulate the married couple to have their pictures taken. This is possible if there’s a professional photographer overseeing it and if possible, an usher to help. But imagine without the help of professional, you might not even know where to begin.

It’s part of your manner to take pictures that show you appreciate them for coming. It’s also often the pictures that you keep for a long time and remind you the faces of those close friends.

Lose a lot of important moments

There are so many moments that you just want to freeze. You want someone to immortalize it for a lifetime for you to remember. Moments like when you meet your parents in your wedding outfit for the first time, wedding kiss and so many things else. But how many years will those memories stay fresh?

40 years from now and you might not remember well the faces of the people that came. You won’t even remember who your Cheshire wedding photographer was. But you’ll definitely remember how thankful you are to have those pictures of your most important day.

Clients, This Is How You’ll Help Your Photographer

wedding photographers CardiffThere are many rants of wedding photographers. Some of them are things that you probably see in every wedding, but never realized that it brings a lot of stress to the photographer and also on the couple! What are they and what can you do?

These are wedding photographers Cardiff innermost wish for future clients to pay attention to.

Everyone’s a photographer

Every read that rant a wedding photographer went on? Yes, the one where he can’t stand how everyone seemed to become an impromptu wedding photographer. The worst thing about that is they are in the way of the professional photographer, the guy the couple paid handsomely to take their pictures!

Now, it’s not polite to tell your guests to put away their phones, but it’s a good thing to remind them to stand away from the area. Especially during an important time like the revelation of the bride, the guests must be reminded to not rush in front and take pictures when those aren’t going to be shown to the couple anyway.

Let the photographer get a stress-free environment to capture the best pictures of your day. He’s in no position to hush the people away, but you do.

Every professional is all-knowing

Another wrong misconception on professional photographers. While their job is related to going along the flow and capturing things as they happen, it never hurts to inform them first what will happen. Any photographer appreciates their client’s help in preparing them for what will happen.

One of the professionals of wedding photographers Cardiff owns He said that while he’s a professional, any client’s considerate information will help greatly in planning to how to shoot in their event.

And what you can do is to send them an itinerary of what will happen and keep them informed of any changes. It doesn’t hurt to send a mail or two throughout the time. You will also do well to meet up with them at the wedding venue for rehearsal.

Hire someone else unbeknownst

Never surprise your photographer with another guy holding a camera at your wedding party. You might be kindly letting a cousin shoot on your event, too. But your professional photographer doesn’t like having other people in the way and acting as a photographer without coordinating with him!

Introduce them to each other before the event. Inform of this and make sure that your cousin isn’t trying to take over the lead photographer’s job. Remember who you paid for the job. You can advise your cousin to follow the track of the photographer and not stay in his line of sight as it’ll show in the pictures.

Arranging too many group pictures

The last thing that any photographer and client want is to get stuck in the group pictures session for too long. You didn’t set a wedding party just to get some formal pictures. It’s a day to have fun and mark your start of a new journey. Never leave your photographer in the dark about this.

Professional wedding photographers Cardiff can tell you how many is too many. They will then help you cut down the number to gain more time for the party.

What Are Your Reasons for Not Using a Photographer?

wedding photographer PeterboroughI can’t understand this: a wedding photographer Peterborough is not an expendable part of your wedding. It’s something that, as a matter of fact, justifies all the preparations and resources that you’ve invested in it. However, there is always someone ready to stand up and tell me that, no, a photographer won’t be needed.

I hope you won’t have to go through your own wedding to understand the gravity of it.

Having someone to take the pictures isn’t the reason why you need to hire a costly photographer. There are a lot of other easier methods if all you want is to have someone take pictures. After all, we’re all gifted with the advancement of technologies, making crystal clear pictures just a few clicks away in our hand.

The significance of a photographer doesn’t lie at having someone to take the pictures, but the quality of those pictures taken. We’re not talking about rosy filters that make your face glows as if you’re blessed with the holy spirit. No, that’s not it. We’re talking about a professional photographer with his magical touch that captures pictures at the right moment, editing it to reach a perfection that is non-existent.

Talking isn’t going to justify anything, so it’s best that we move on to some proofs. For starters, we’d like to show some of best wedding shots by a professional wedding photographer Peterborough. Visit this site: Tell me if you don’t like the lovely pictures showed here, because I can’t quite relate why anyone would reject to not having their own wedding pictures like this.

They aren’t simply pictures on a wedding.

These are some beautiful moments that any brides and grooms would love to keep for a long time. Especially for the brides (beware of loads of tears you’ll get when you receive your wedding album!).

Professional photographers will always manage to capture all the beauty of the venue, the backdrop and the dress and suit you’ve chosen. It makes all the preparations matter so much more! You didn’t carefully choose your wedding dress just to have it looked completely white on the hand of amateurs. Neither did you choose the flower arrangements and then realized that none of the pictures showed that at all!

A photographer is always prepared and trained to shoot in various conditions of a wedding.

Even the worst weather conditions won’t stop them from capturing the love that’s floating in the air. Under the rain, romance always seems stronger when shot right.

The day you promise for life to your partner and the day you began a whole new journey is ahead. It’d be stupid to think of having some proper pictures taken as trivial. Moments like this don’t just happen again and you’ll have just one chance to do it.

If you are starting to think of this as a serious issue, that’s a good sign for you. It’s, then, time to move on to the next guide on how to look for a professional wedding photographer Peterborough that understands your preferences.

4 Posing Tips for Same-Sex Weddings

same sex wedding photographerWith same sex weddings now receiving the legal nod, more couples are now taking the plunge into marriage. This surge in wedding plans has brought about the need for more same sex wedding photographers. Now, it is one thing to plan a wedding and get a photographer but it is another thing entirely to make sure that the pictures captured tell the exact story of that wedding day.

One of the ways to make the wedding photographs a success is by making different poses. Same sex wedding photographer Paul Grace from shares his advice for posing same-sex couples. You can give it a try to spice up your album.

  • Give each other space

When taking a picture of you and your partner, especially if you are wearing the same attire. It would be best to take the picture with a little bit of space between you. For example, if you and your spouse to be are both wearing a white gown, it is very easy to end up looking like big blobs of white against a background.

The separation of your bodies allows for the photographer to capture the details on the dress. Seeing as you and your spouse picked the attire of your dreams, why not show it off?

  • Give yourself alternatives

The traditional wedding poses often require a clear display of affection. A hug here, a kiss there or even the bridal lift. However, for same sex couples, the public display of affection is not something they might feel comfortable with especially when surrounded by several guests.

The fact that you are not comfortable with the display of affection that is often common in traditional shoots does not mean you should not give yourself another route. Why not work with the same sex wedding photographer to come up with alternatives. You can even decide to head to a private location.

On the flip side, there are also couples who do not care about showcasing their affection. It would be best for the wedding photographer to discuss the comfort level of the client first before planning poses accordingly.

  • Gauge the reactions of family members

Same-sex weddings are still under scrutiny from members of the public that have strong opinions about it. As such, do not be surprised to find out that there might be family members not in full support of the couple but have to show up because courtesy demands it. You may want to attempt the old traditional family photographs with the Aunt and Grandpa. But, if you notice something off about their expressions then it may be best to ex that decision.

Doing this will prevent the couple from having to see uncomfortable family members in their album. Let the couple know the reason why a certain member will not be showing up in their wedding album.

  • Do not forgo the traditional

As a same sex wedding photographer, you ought to remember that there are rules in the photography world that are important. Make sure when capturing the images, you make use of poses and angles that flatter the couple’s bodies. Angles and background of the picture are also important.

Don’t Regret It: Why Family Picture Matters

Jacksonville family photographerThere’s no doubt that a family is a group of weird people that seem to love and take your side at all times. They are there at the hardest time, they’re also people that share with you the happy things they want to share. Making a memory with them is something that none would pass for.

Family pictures are one of the most important things for us, and that call for a professional Jacksonville family photographer to take up the job.

Who love family pictures the most

There are certain members of the family that truly treasure family pictures. It’s probably not even us, who plan the whole thing. The elderly harbors the biggest attachment to such things. It’s because they now lack the energy they had to travel, to help and to do a lot of things with the younger generation. They spend most of the time indoor, holding onto pictures as they think of the past.

Sure, we’d go out with them every now and then, take them to a family restaurant, maybe travel once a year. But each of us has our own life and many of us decided to move out to begin our own life. It’d be cruel to just leave them without something to hold on until you meet again.

Family time together

Such moment is a precious moment. When the family just gathers to have their pictures taken. It might not feel like so when it’s just your small family of 4, but the whole family down to those that probably had moved a few thousands of miles away, this matters a lot. You’d want to have something to be reminded of this precious time.

That’s what, a professional Jacksonville family photographer sees. Everyone miles around, some awkward, some just miss each other, some throw stupid jokes about what they’re wearing. But it’s a family; people who love each other and simply miss the old times when they were together.

We’re lucky that the 21st century arrives with so much advancement in technology. We can video call anytime, anywhere, as long as we want to anyone. Yet, it’s a worrying thing that because of this existence, we lose our touch of keeping our actual time together as ‘precious’. Let this session be a reminder for you that virtual chat shall not replace real-life communication with them.

Let only professional

Don’t let just any photographer take the picture. Find a professional to do the job and take a professional family portrait. Everyone has spent quite the hours to gather together for this day. It better be worth their time to have pictures taken.

A professional Jacksonville family photographer will know the way to have pictures taken without looking awkward. He’ll also know how to place everyone in the right position and for a smaller family, how to get everyone engaged and get good natural pictures. It’s better to let a professional for the pictures to appear natural and good enough to be kept.

Hopefully, you will be finding a professional family photographer for yourself soon if you want to avoid any regret.

Difference Between Hiring a Wedding Photographer Dundee and a Family Friend

wedding photographer DundeeDue to the nature of a wedding, it is unavoidable that certain costs will be incurred. However, in a bid to save on such costs, it is not unexpected that certain brides and grooms decide to take certain shortcuts. One of such shortcuts happens to be in the hire of a wedding photographer Dundee. For some couples, instead of acquiring the services of the professional photographer, they opt for the family friend or family member to assist in capturing images of the day.

While there is nothing wrong in commissioning the help of a friend, the end result might not be fulfilling. How? Read further below:


For a wedding photographer, covering a wedding is their field of expertise. They know how best to approach the coverage of a wedding and how to satisfy their clients at the same time. This is all based on their years of experience dealing with the average bride and groom.

On the other hand, the family friend may just be familiar with using his or her phone to take the occasional selfies or family picnic pictures. The method of approach on covering a wedding might not be as professional as the wedding photographer.


Before covering a wedding, what most professional wedding photographers like to do is have a sit-down or consultation with the couple. Through this consultation, the wedding photographer Dundee like gleans information on the style of wedding pictures they want, how many pictures, the location of the pictures amongst others. The photographer knows that the details count and has to ensure that he delivers on all aspects.

In the case of the family friend, all he or she knows is that the wedding is taking place at a certain time in a certain location. Hence, they have to be present to cover the wedding. Nothing like a consultation or a one-on-one talk is held in a professional manner to determine what the couple would like to see as the end result of their pictures.


Wedding photographers ought to be professional when dealing with a wedding couple. From the consultation, to the scanning of the wedding location to the eventual capture and printing out of images, every detail counts. This professionalism is what ensures that the wedding photographer is not gossiping away at a certain spot when wedding activities are ongoing.

For the family friend, separating personal feelings from their job of capturing the wedding is not going to be easy. The family friend would most likely want to be engaged in the festivities as they are ongoing and this may lead to a deviation of interest from the expected job.

Now, although there is nothing wrong in saving costs for the wedding in different ways, one of the things that should not be sacrificed for this is the wedding photographs. Hence, it is advisable to get a wedding photographer Dundee who values the importance of the special day and works on delivering memories you will always remember.

Have You Checked Out the Insurance You Should Be Getting?

wedding photographers BillericayFor wedding photographers Billericay, getting insurance is the same as getting a lens. It’s something that you must have to operate well. It’s very encouraging that if you haven’t gotten one by now, that you do your homework and start creating your own safety net.

Now, we don’t and will never hope that anything bad will happen to us. But no matter how much we hope, we know that accidents will sooner or later happen. As a professional, however, we don’t wait until that happens to begin looking for a way to prevent it. The best step to take is to prevent first before anything happens.

There are several types of insurance that you can get to cover various things a photographer can face. Here are what we’d suggest to our readers.

Business Owner’s Policy

Like the name implies, this insurance is meant for those that own a studio. The business owner’s policy acts like a public liability insurance and commercial property insurance.

Public liability insurance covers damages that happen when you accidentally knock down a vase at a wedding venue or damages the wall with your equipment that requires fixing. It also covers the legal fee when you are sued because a guest sprained his arms after knocking over your lighting stand. If you’re asked to pay the medical fee, your insurance will also cover it, too.

Wedding photographers Billericay like can relate to this and will definitely do anything to not make the same mistakes again.

Property insurance protects the damages to your property, such as your studio, the furniture and things that you own that relate to your business. This insurance can also cover for the fee that you have to pay when you are strike with natural disaster and have to, for example, rent a new place to continue your business while your studio’s repairing.

We all make mistakes once in a while, let’s admit that. We’ve many times try not to forget about our things when we leave for the toilet. A moment’s mistake is all they need to steal that important gear off your seat. When that happens, if you have property insurance, you’re not that screwed. If you don’t, you’re very screwed.

Well, a lot of things can happen in a wedding and it’s always better to know that you’ve got your insurance backing you up. Make sure that your job is not hindered by these problems.

Professional indemnity insurance

When clients would like to believe that you are not giving them the quality they paid and agreed on, they can file a lawsuit. Professional indemnity insurance will then help cover all the necessary legal fee, such as hiring a lawyer, pertaining to this issue. If let’s say, you lose the court and is required to pay the penalty fee, your insurance is there to back you.

Most insurance companies that offer this will offer deduction to wedding photographers Billericay who have rarely received bad reviews.. As long as you maintain your reputation to be positive, your insurance company will be happy to help cover for you when you face a problem regarding your professionalism.

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