Month: January 2018

Peonies, Succulents, Baby’s breath, And Lily of the Valley

wedding flowersThese are the names of some of the most famous and wanted wedding flowers. Each of them bears beauty unparalleled, yet they require special care and knowledge to make sure that your bouquet and table flowers will look amazing. has also mentioned some of the flowers below in their blogs and you will also want to check them out.


This beautiful flower blooms into a big flower that simply attracts the attention of anyone that laid eyes on them. Peonies cost about 8-9 dollars per stem and are only around for about 3 to 4 months. This narrow window causes many heartbreaks as it means you have to time your wedding time just to make sure you can use peonies.

Peony bears a rich and noble meaning. Dating back to the ancient Chinese history, the rich and noblemen often use peonies to show their wealth and fame.

There are some other alternatives you can choose aside from peonies such as roses, ranunculus, and double flowering tulips. The reason is that these flowers have the same resemblance to how peonies look like; big bloom and rich in petals, as well as exist in pastel colors.


Loved for their muted colors, a succulent is often the choice to go with a natural-looking bouquet. If you want wedding flowers that tone down the atmosphere and your look, succulent is an amazing addition to your bouquet. They also decorate wedding cakes nicely without standing out too much. Succulent is a great compliment.

Terrarium with succulents inside is also incredibly beautiful. This is mostly because they require less care and water and still retain their beautiful flower shape. Bouquet with succulents last longer and can be kept in vases after your wedding day as decoration. Each succulent cost around $7, but since they are considered as plants, you know that you’re getting more than just a bouquet, but also a plant to take care of afterward!

Baby’s breath

They are cute, delicate, and simply hard to ignore. Everyone wants to stop for a few seconds just to go ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’. Baby’s breath has been the latest trend in wedding flowers mainly because they are tiny and have a delicate look to them.

However, baby’s breath gained this name due to a reason. They smell very similar to a baby’s breath, like milk that has gone sour. Although, the smell is only strong when used in large amount.  A small clump of baby’s breath costs around $6.

If you are looking for other types of flowers that look like baby’s breath, wax flowers, limonium, and Queen Anne’s Lace are great replacements.

Lily of the Valley

It has a name that rings uniquely. Lily of the valley is also sometimes called Mary’s tears and means ‘return to happiness’ in flower language. Lily of the valley blooms for only one month in the wild around March to April. They can be cultivated indoors.

Lily of the valley is famous for their poison. Before you ask, no, lily of the valley cannot kill just because you happen to touch it. It is only toxic when digested/eaten, so as long as no one in your wedding party likes to eat flowers, no one will die. Lily of the valley is also fragrant, a great addition to the table flowers to ease the guests. A single stem of lily of the valley costs about 4 to 5 dollars. To make a bouquet, you’ll need a couple of bunches, which cost a few hundreds of dollars, depending on the size.

If this is the one for you, but you want a cheaper version, white lilac has the same white colors with lily of the valley. However, since it bears a unique shape, it’s almost impossible to find flowers with small bell shape like lily of the valley.

Bridal Advice On Wedding Planning

Put a cap on the Pinterest use.

wedding photographer PeterboroughPinterest can turn out to be a pretty interesting platform for when you are looking out for inspirations and other pegs for the wedding but you need to understand the fact that this can end up taking far more time than you would probably think. Procrastination is not the type of thing that you would want to fall into especially when you are dealing with a wedding day timeline that is both a bit of a challenge and something that can fly by so much sooner than you would probably think. Settle on at least 3 main pegs for the wedding and choose from those 3 main choices. Anything more than that and you will already be drowning in options and this is never a good way to go for you. Look for 3 main pegs for the wedding and structure that around how you look for a professional wedding photographer Peterborough along with the rest of the other vendors that you have a need for during the main wedding day. Pinterest is great when you are starting from scratch and all that but to allow this to waste way more time than you are ready to spend out will prove to be an issue for you and for the wedding that you are planning out so far.

You don’t need more than 1 wedding dress.

You probably have this notion that you can have multiple costume changes during the wedding day and although this is a novelty in itself if it is something that you can afford in the first place, you need to understand that something like this technically costs a lot of money. A wedding dress does not come cheap and you need to go ahead and understand that right off the bat. Invest on one good quality wedding dress and make the most of it. Your wedding photographer Peterborough will be able to shoot great photos out of it regardless. There really is no need for you to go for multiple wedding dresses unless it is something that is absolutely necessary. One wedding dress should be more than enough and it will do your wedding budget a favour so don’t even bother yourself with an extra one if it isn’t something that is necessary in the first place.

Don’t try too hard to be different.

It’s OK to be traditional and to go down the same path that the other brides have gone, after a fashion. Venturing too much into the unknown will result to extra costs and this may not be the kind of something that you will be ready to shell out when it all comes down to it.

Don’t worry about the opinion of others.

This is your wedding and this is something that you need to keep reminding yourself of time and time again. Stop worrying too much about what other people have to say and focus instead on what your main preferences are. Stick to what your plans are and things will pan out so much better for you in the end.