Month: February 2018

Have You Checked Out the Insurance You Should Be Getting?

wedding photographers BillericayFor wedding photographers Billericay, getting insurance is the same as getting a lens. It’s something that you must have to operate well. It’s very encouraging that if you haven’t gotten one by now, that you do your homework and start creating your own safety net.

Now, we don’t and will never hope that anything bad will happen to us. But no matter how much we hope, we know that accidents will sooner or later happen. As a professional, however, we don’t wait until that happens to begin looking for a way to prevent it. The best step to take is to prevent first before anything happens.

There are several types of insurance that you can get to cover various things a photographer can face. Here are what we’d suggest to our readers.

Business Owner’s Policy

Like the name implies, this insurance is meant for those that own a studio. The business owner’s policy acts like a public liability insurance and commercial property insurance.

Public liability insurance covers damages that happen when you accidentally knock down a vase at a wedding venue or damages the wall with your equipment that requires fixing. It also covers the legal fee when you are sued because a guest sprained his arms after knocking over your lighting stand. If you’re asked to pay the medical fee, your insurance will also cover it, too.

Wedding photographers Billericay like can relate to this and will definitely do anything to not make the same mistakes again.

Property insurance protects the damages to your property, such as your studio, the furniture and things that you own that relate to your business. This insurance can also cover for the fee that you have to pay when you are strike with natural disaster and have to, for example, rent a new place to continue your business while your studio’s repairing.

We all make mistakes once in a while, let’s admit that. We’ve many times try not to forget about our things when we leave for the toilet. A moment’s mistake is all they need to steal that important gear off your seat. When that happens, if you have property insurance, you’re not that screwed. If you don’t, you’re very screwed.

Well, a lot of things can happen in a wedding and it’s always better to know that you’ve got your insurance backing you up. Make sure that your job is not hindered by these problems.

Professional indemnity insurance

When clients would like to believe that you are not giving them the quality they paid and agreed on, they can file a lawsuit. Professional indemnity insurance will then help cover all the necessary legal fee, such as hiring a lawyer, pertaining to this issue. If let’s say, you lose the court and is required to pay the penalty fee, your insurance is there to back you.

Most insurance companies that offer this will offer deduction to wedding photographers Billericay who have rarely received bad reviews.. As long as you maintain your reputation to be positive, your insurance company will be happy to help cover for you when you face a problem regarding your professionalism.

Wedding Memories That Lasts Forever

wedding photographers WaterfordWhy does one choose to not hire wedding photographers Waterford? There are some who might be standing on a tight budget while others think that if they could save a few thousand dollars more, why not? It’s true that they are just pictures; they can’t even move and anyone else could have been there to do the job.

Well, the fact that all they do is only taking your pictures isn’t so right anymore these days. Back in the days when wedding photographers weren’t as demanded as today, they did only take pictures and offered people if they want to buy it. But, today, people are beginning to realize how precious pictures can be.


Perhaps, this is the most important reason to have your wedding pictures taken. They mean a lot more than just a picture; they store important memories of the day. Many of us will argue that we couldn’t have forgotten that we got married! But, what pictures can do is that they store memories of what we felt.

Aside from that, there’s no telling if we can remember everyone that came. Your wedding photographer who is dedicated will make sure that not a single thing about the wedding is missed. Including capturing everyone that came and wished you a happy new life ahead.

Or maybe, did you get to see the face of the people standing behind you when you were about to throw the bouquet? Or how your parents looked at you as they saw you stood side-by-side with your forever partner? That’s what people who hired through for professional wedding photographers Waterford.

The perfect gift for your parents

There’s nothing like seeing your little girl and boy growing up into an adult and finally committed themselves to building a family. The joy, the sadness, the tears; a thousand feelings mixed in.

Of course, they’d love to have several pictures of this important day to be stored, especially when you are planning to move out and start a whole new life somewhere else! No matter how advanced technology has become, photographs still bear meaning that no others can replace.

Like how your grandma would look at her wedding pictures lovingly and how your parents would look at those pictures once in a while, imagine then, how different things would be without those pictures. The longing that we all have in our heart unable to be quenched.

It’s not too late

Is your wedding closing in? It’s never too late to look. If you look close enough, there will always be wedding photographers Waterford that wants to help you take your wedding pictures. It’s better late than never at all.

As for you who still have months or years to think, it does not hurt if you look for one during your free time. Most photographers, like Golden Memory, don’t mind giving you a free consultation to address all your problems. You can still make your decision anytime, although the later it is, the slimmer are your chances to get the photographer of your choice.

Is Your Leeds Wedding Photographer Insured and Guaranteed?

Leeds wedding photographerInsurance is an important part of looking for the right Leeds wedding photographer. It has nothing to do with how your wedding pictures will end up like, however, it might affect how your wedding will go on.

We never wish for anything bad to happen, especially on such a good day like your wedding day. It’s going to be a day full of love and happiness to share with your family and friends, but just in case, reading up about legal issues that are related to your wedding will never hurt.

Prevention is typically done in case something does happen. We don’t wait till a fire incident happen to install a fire alarm in our house, do we? As such, the same thing goes with having your wedding photographer properly insured for any losses or damages done to anyone or property during the wedding day.

We will be covering things you need to know about insurance and guarantees that your photographer should have.

The different types of insurance

There are several types of insurance a photographer can take to protect himself and you. They range from protecting their damages done in public to personal loss due to theft or medical fees from being injured on the location.

When you want to know if your photographer is insured, ask to see the proof of his insurance.

Public Liability Insurance

This one general protects the photographer from any loss or damages that are incurred during their work hours in your wedding day. The insurance will typically cover the cost of the lawsuit that is related to the job. A lot of wedding venues made it clear that they only work with photographers who are able to show them the proof to this insurance.

Property insurance

Whichever property that is, either purposely or accidentally, if damaged during the wedding and is directly related to your Leeds wedding photographer for example

,it will be covered by their insurance. The amount will depend on the amount of premium your photographer pays.

The guarantee

Another important thing you need to make sure is that your photographer is able to guarantee the quality and delivery of your wedding pictures.

Replacement photographer

Whether it’s his assistant or himself, your photographer has to be able to assure you that someone will definitely show up to take your wedding pictures if he can’t. We never know what will happen. He could break his legs or arms or something extremely important can come up that causes him unable to attend and shoot your wedding.

The same goes for his assistant. If you are using two shooters, make sure that he will come with one more person to help the process. You paid for two, so two people you should get.

Make sure the replacements are people of equal or better skill. If they cannot guarantee you this, you may want them to have procession indemnity insurance in case you are not satisfied with their works. Check your contract with your Leeds wedding photographer to see if there’s any clause that might potentially put you in disadvantage if such incident should happen.