Grand Rapids photographerFor photographers, it is not rare to discover that they have their own quirks and preferences. One of such cases is the issue of whether or not digital cameras are better than film cameras when it comes to shooting. Therefore, we decided to ask for the opinion of Grand Rapids Photographers on this.

According to what most of them had to say, both of these types of cameras have their pros and cons. However, the dislike for one over the other is due to a lot of misleading information about the qualities of a digital camera and a film camera. So, let’s go into more detail about what these cameras are and their compositions.


A popular misunderstanding about the reason why Grand Rapids photographers would opt for the film camera as opposed to its digital counterpart is that only a computer illiterate or one with the unwillingness to edit digital files would prefer it. Well, that opinion is wrong!

Another wrong information about the film camera is that it does not require additional work after the photographer is done shooting with it. At the end of the shoot, all the photographer needs to do is print out the images in a dark room where all the retouching and balance adjustments are automatically done. Well, this is also another conception that has to be tossed aside.

From a technical standpoint, film offers a lot of pros in terms of a wide ranges. This is something which a digital camera is not capable of providing. Therefore, you can expect that when the scenes being shot need high contrasts, a film camera is bound to create a better image.


The main reason why the Grand Rapids photographers prefer film is due to the fact that it places the control of the entire photography process within the hands of the photographer. The photographer might take the picture but the final outcome is not decided by the camera but the photographer personally. The photographer does not have to rely on the camera to get the perfect image. With the help of a computer and editing software, certain highlights of an image can be tweaked to fit in line with what the photographer has in mind.

Also, when compared to film, shooting with a digital camera is less expensive.

The photographer can go on shooting images in different frames without running out of film or incurring extra charges in buying more film. All the photographer needs to worry about is memory space. A photographer can easily make a backup of images on a system and free up memory space on the camera.

The backup option for digital images is another one of the pros in its favor. A single image can be stored on different platforms or devices to be used in future. It does not have to be on the camera. So, in case of a disaster, the photographer is rest assured of the fact that their photographs are still intact elsewhere. The same thing cannot be said about film and as a result, you are likely to find most Grand Rapids photographers like using digital.