same sex wedding photographerWith same sex weddings now receiving the legal nod, more couples are now taking the plunge into marriage. This surge in wedding plans has brought about the need for more same sex wedding photographers. Now, it is one thing to plan a wedding and get a photographer but it is another thing entirely to make sure that the pictures captured tell the exact story of that wedding day.

One of the ways to make the wedding photographs a success is by making different poses. Same sex wedding photographer Paul Grace from shares his advice for posing same-sex couples. You can give it a try to spice up your album.

  • Give each other space

When taking a picture of you and your partner, especially if you are wearing the same attire. It would be best to take the picture with a little bit of space between you. For example, if you and your spouse to be are both wearing a white gown, it is very easy to end up looking like big blobs of white against a background.

The separation of your bodies allows for the photographer to capture the details on the dress. Seeing as you and your spouse picked the attire of your dreams, why not show it off?

  • Give yourself alternatives

The traditional wedding poses often require a clear display of affection. A hug here, a kiss there or even the bridal lift. However, for same sex couples, the public display of affection is not something they might feel comfortable with especially when surrounded by several guests.

The fact that you are not comfortable with the display of affection that is often common in traditional shoots does not mean you should not give yourself another route. Why not work with the same sex wedding photographer to come up with alternatives. You can even decide to head to a private location.

On the flip side, there are also couples who do not care about showcasing their affection. It would be best for the wedding photographer to discuss the comfort level of the client first before planning poses accordingly.

  • Gauge the reactions of family members

Same-sex weddings are still under scrutiny from members of the public that have strong opinions about it. As such, do not be surprised to find out that there might be family members not in full support of the couple but have to show up because courtesy demands it. You may want to attempt the old traditional family photographs with the Aunt and Grandpa. But, if you notice something off about their expressions then it may be best to ex that decision.

Doing this will prevent the couple from having to see uncomfortable family members in their album. Let the couple know the reason why a certain member will not be showing up in their wedding album.

  • Do not forgo the traditional

As a same sex wedding photographer, you ought to remember that there are rules in the photography world that are important. Make sure when capturing the images, you make use of poses and angles that flatter the couple’s bodies. Angles and background of the picture are also important.