wedding photographer CardiffAs a wedding photographer, there are a few reasons you want perfect pictures.

  1. You want to impress the couple
  2. You want help the couple create memories that will outlive them
  3. You need to stay ahead of the competition

There are various ways a wedding photographer Cardiff can do this and create a reputation as a good wedding photographer.

You can brand your business, get a good website, post regularly, get the word out, sign up for wedding expos and exhibitions, and increase traffic. Or you could simply make sure that you snap the perfect wedding pictures.

A Perfect Wedding Photograph?

Defining a perfect wedding photograph is based entirely on context. There is no one definition fits all. A picture taken in the chapel can be perfect. Another taken outside the chapel can also be beautiful. Most importantly however, having perfect wedding photographs will make you stand out.

While a perfect wedding picture might have lots of other important elements, good wedding photographs have 2 major focusses. Either they focus on the couple, or on the environment in which the pictures were taken

This is where keeping track comes in. You might have all the skills and experience, but if you forget key pictures on the wedding day, you might be missing out on creating the ideal wedding album for the couple and the ideal portfolio for yourself.

Checklist to remember

Again, this is where the idea of a checklist can save a wedding photographer Cardiff a lot of trouble. A checklist is meant to help you remember.

A wedding checklist is a list of important scenarios and moments to capture.

Every photographer is unique. Experienced wedding photographers over the years know by memory all the important moments to capture and so might depend less on the checklist. But budding wedding photographers will usually depend on the checklist more. Irrespective, if you want to get perfect pictures, you will need a checklist to help you remember.

To make this easy, I have prepared a list that contains some of the important pictures you might want to take. If you want to snap the perfect wedding pictures then don’t leave out these.

  • The pre-wedding shots. Pre-wedding shots are important. They help the couple get acquainted to you; they get familiar and they are not nervous or jittery on their wedding day.
  • Photographs of the bride’s jewellery
  • Photographs of the groom’s wristwatches and ties.
  • Photograph of the bride’s dress and shoes.
  • Photographs of the groom’s suits and shoes.
  • Angle shots of the wedding invitation with focus on the names of the couple
  • Pictures of the venue from outside. Here, it is best if you take the pictures from an angle rather than the front. For example, if there are trees around, take those pictures along the line of trees.
  • Pictures of the bride dressing up.
  • Pictures of the groom getting ready.
  • Photographs of the bride with her best, intimate or childhood friends.
  • Photographs of the groom with his best friend’s and groomsmen
  • Pictures of the wedding venues from the inside.
  • Pictures of the flowers, cutlery, DJ stand or live band stages and so on.
  • Pictures of guests walking in
  • Pictures if the bride being led down the aisle
  • Pictures of the expression on the face of the groom as he sees his bride walk down the aisle
  • Pictures of both of them connecting and kissing as they say their vows to each other.


The perfect wedding pictures are not elusive. As a wedding photographer Cardiff, they are usually on the tips of your fingers. However, remembering can be a daunting task as you have a lot on your plate. Take a good look at this checklist every time you have a wedding event and your perfect pictures are only a click away.