Calgary newborn photographyParents want the best for the little one. Every single passing moment is precious to them because a child grows so fast, you can feel like he was still a wee baby sleeping in his cradle. That is why we want you to book your Calgary newborn photography session before it’s too late!

It’s not just about snapping some pictures, because we know for one that many parents had wished they planned things earlier. They did not know how short a newborn moment is. For a few days, they are just sleeping most of the time and are so small and calm. You often wrap them with a blanket to keep them warm and they only cry for food. Such a tranquil moment gives mothers time to rest and enjoy the moment.

And this moment lasts for only two weeks at most.

Months early

Your due date is still months away, but trust us when we tell you this is the best time to look. A newborn photographer is often booked way in advance to secure a place and time right after they have the baby. We know you also want the same, but if you look after you have your baby, you will have a problem finding someone available at the time you need him to be.

During your pregnancy, you have all the time to look and ask around. You can even meet and discuss a little bit with them regarding how the session goes and what you may need to bring. It’s great to be able to prepare yourself early before your delivery.

Professional hands

When you look, it’s important to find only professional hands like Dulce Baby Photography to work on your Calgary newborn photography. There are many reasons to do so. For one, you want to ensure the safety of your newborn baby and be assured you are handing him in the right hand. And then, you want a photographer who is concerned about the baby’s safety as well.

Someone will a long experience on the job with little to no complaint would mean he never messes up on the job. That includes taking care of the baby, too.

Then, there’s the skill to capture and edit the pictures. Almost all of us own a smartphone which is usually equipped with a camera. And today, it’s not even expensive to find one with a decent camera. But not everyone has the eye of a photographer! It’s not easy to know which angles work best, how much lighting is necessary or what props to use.

And then, there’s the fact that you cannot use the same ideas on every baby!

Precious moments

This is the moment you don’t want to miss. To find someone capable, you need to look early, best is during your 4th months when you feel more comfortable to go around. You and partner have to meet the photographers, talk and then plan how the photography date will be settled. If you don’t look for your Calgary newborn photography early, you will have to waste even more time looking!

Most photographers do not dare to promise you a date since they might have other clients waiting and they still have to plan for you!