wedding photographer DundeeDue to the nature of a wedding, it is unavoidable that certain costs will be incurred. However, in a bid to save on such costs, it is not unexpected that certain brides and grooms decide to take certain shortcuts. One of such shortcuts happens to be in the hire of a wedding photographer Dundee. For some couples, instead of acquiring the services of the professional photographer, they opt for the family friend or family member to assist in capturing images of the day.

While there is nothing wrong in commissioning the help of a friend, the end result might not be fulfilling. How? Read further below:


For a wedding photographer, covering a wedding is their field of expertise. They know how best to approach the coverage of a wedding and how to satisfy their clients at the same time. This is all based on their years of experience dealing with the average bride and groom.

On the other hand, the family friend may just be familiar with using his or her phone to take the occasional selfies or family picnic pictures. The method of approach on covering a wedding might not be as professional as the wedding photographer.


Before covering a wedding, what most professional wedding photographers like to do is have a sit-down or consultation with the couple. Through this consultation, the wedding photographer Dundee like gleans information on the style of wedding pictures they want, how many pictures, the location of the pictures amongst others. The photographer knows that the details count and has to ensure that he delivers on all aspects.

In the case of the family friend, all he or she knows is that the wedding is taking place at a certain time in a certain location. Hence, they have to be present to cover the wedding. Nothing like a consultation or a one-on-one talk is held in a professional manner to determine what the couple would like to see as the end result of their pictures.


Wedding photographers ought to be professional when dealing with a wedding couple. From the consultation, to the scanning of the wedding location to the eventual capture and printing out of images, every detail counts. This professionalism is what ensures that the wedding photographer is not gossiping away at a certain spot when wedding activities are ongoing.

For the family friend, separating personal feelings from their job of capturing the wedding is not going to be easy. The family friend would most likely want to be engaged in the festivities as they are ongoing and this may lead to a deviation of interest from the expected job.

Now, although there is nothing wrong in saving costs for the wedding in different ways, one of the things that should not be sacrificed for this is the wedding photographs. Hence, it is advisable to get a wedding photographer Dundee who values the importance of the special day and works on delivering memories you will always remember.