wedding photographyBefore you start hunting for a wedding photographer, it’s best that you know not just who, but what you want. Each wedding photographer has his own specialty and some of them offer their services in a different way. Each couple also has their own preferences and things that they consider important. But in this case, yes, we will show you in general, what you need in a wedding photography package.

The first thing you need is one professional York wedding photographer who will be responsible for everything. An additional shooter is optional and is very useful if you think that your party is going to be big. In fact, it’s recommended because a second shooter takes more pictures and help cover more things in the wedding. You will also end up with more pictures compared to hiring on a single wedding photographer.

The number of hours you decided to hire your wedding photographer for is also important.

The more you are willing to spend, the longer the hours. Some even offer to work for a whole day and give you a bonus of 3 additional hours for a separate event. A whole day sounds very tempting and actually, in general, one needs 8-10 hours a day to get all the necessary pictures.

So, does that you mean you are always better off with a whole day package? Again, if budget is an issue, you should first settle with the most important part of the wedding. Is it the ceremony or the reception, because you can opt to hire the photographer for only 4 hours instead. You can still ask to have some formally taken pictures before or after the event.

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Watch it that your contract doesn’t say anything about an extra fee for the distance traveled if it’s still within an understandable range. You have to talk about it with your York wedding photographer first about the extra charge you may have to pay outside of the wedding package. Some photographers don’t ask for more if the wedding is held within 100 miles, but some start charging when it’s above 50 miles away.

Last, but obviously not the least, is to provide you with a wedding album.

This is often a separate item that you need to ask to be included, but some photographers make their wedding photography packages to include various kinds of prints. All these prints are great to have as you might not have another chance to go and print all these things!

A wedding album is typically made of higher quality than a wedding book and is more durable in comparison. But they also cost a lot more, but we personally think it’s worth it. If you ever want to print your pictures, be sure to go with the album, because a book won’t last as long as you thought it would. In fact, an album is the finishing product that will make hiring your photography to be worth it.