Listen to what your friends say.

Crowd sourcing has always turned out to be the best means for you to get a hold of the best wedding photographer Dundee in your area. Even if it requires you publicly posting for suggestions, you will soon rewedding photographer Dundeealize that people will actually be more than willing to recommend people they know or people that they have worked with in the past. This goes well for you because then you are assured of the fact that the wedding photographer Dundee that you are thinking about meeting up with or booking in the first place is already highly vetted by people you know. It is always better to work with a referral than a complete stranger because then you already have the assurance that they are legit in what they do in the first place. You might have friends who have recently gotten married and who are particularly happy with how one wedding photographer Dundee worked for them and you should be quick to tap into these recommendations. It’s the best way to go and honestly, you will be getting the best of the best out of the options available out there so far.

Listen to what the reviews say.

Clients provide feedback to their wedding photographers for a reason. More often than not, these comments are real and can be backed up with facts which is why you should highly consider the aspect of listening to what they have to say about a particular wedding photographer so far. If someone comes with high ratings, then that should say a lot about how he works and about how his final finished photos turn out.

Scrutinize the portfolio.

The portfolio is basically like the bible of every single wedding photographer out there. If someone claims to be a wedding photographer but doesn’t happen to have the portfolio to back it up, then you should probably think twice before doing anything about it in the first place. The portfolio will also shed some light on how someone works and how he composes his shots. You need to know for sure that a photographer has the same photography style that you are looking for in order for your philosophies to mesh well in the end of it all.

Can you afford the rates?

If you can’t, then you might as well scrap the idea altogether and save yourself as well as the photographer that you are trying to talk to some time in useless chitter chatter. If you don’t have a budget yet, it is probably high time for you to figure that out as well. When you are drawing up your budget, be realistic about the average expected rates of professional photographers in your area and try to talk to your partner about up to how much you are willing to go so far. Always keep the expenses in mind. The wedding photography cost is one of the most expensive ones you will be paying out for the wedding so tread with caution while you are at it.