Greenwich wedding photographerIt’s important for a Greenwich wedding photographer to take pictures like a pro, but also show that you are one. A wedding photographer must learn to how to speak professionally to convince your clients that you are capable of the job. It is one of that service where you will only get once in your whole life. Because of that, clients can be very worried about whether they are making the right choice.

Partly marketing

In many businesses, the product or service quality is important, but marketing is just as important. Frontline service, or to put it simply, the relationship of the clients with the people they directly communicate with matters a lot. Just like that, how you treat your clients and how they feel about you personally may also affect their judgment.

The photography business is something where little things about the pictures are concrete. Others think that your artworks are amazing, but there are also people who just don’t like your work. Those who consider setting up meetings with you are definitely interested in your work. The reason for this meeting is partly to know what kind of person they are working with.

Find out what they like

The first question that you can ask would be their favorite from your works. Most probably, they saw your works online and you might have put up only the best ones in there. This way, you can find out which part of your style that they love the most. The discussion can also be more directed as you can answer their questions they way they want to hear it be.

For example, you can look at some of the best works from a Greenwich wedding photographer at You can see that the photographer has some great aesthetics view or simply amazing techniques as a fellow photographer/enthusiast.

Listen more

Don’t try to take over the discussion by giving out everything you know about photography. There’s a chance that they don’t really want to know all that; they just need a consultation with you, not a photography lecture. This will let them feel like they are really being heard out. Some of the worse things a photographer can do are to promote himself during this session.

Ask questions

Don’t just ask that one question. Ask more as a form of feedback to the client’s explanations. One way to feel like you are heard is to be asked questions about the things that you just talked about. It shows that the photographer has a personal interest in you and what you said. However, ask constructive questions that will help clarify the details of the wedding.

Have confidence

Have confidence in your own skills. Many photographers are often not the best speakers when it comes to it. The shy factor may stem from the fact that they are not used to talking to strangers and be asked to do their best. Confidence should be shown not to others, but to your own skills. A Greenwich wedding photographer has to remember that if you don’t trust in yourself, your clients won’t be able to.