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How To Pick Out A Newborn Photographer

Ensure he is an authority in the niche.

Seattle newborn photographerIf you book a photographer that doesn’t really happen to be a specialized Seattle newborn photographer, you might eventually end up with someone who doesn’t even know how to go through with the photo shoot in the first place. Go through the photographer portfolios and make sure that you actually get to check things out the right way when it comes to things like this. The biggest expense that you will ever get to go ahead and incur for as far as planning out a newborn photo shoot goes. This is something that you really need to check out ahead of time. Go through the portfolio of the professional Seattle newborn photographer that you are planning to check out at some point or so.

Take the time to go through all of the qualified Seattle newborn photographers in your area so that you can eventually come up with the best decision that you could ever come across at the end of the day. This is not the type of decision that you should be taking lightly. When you are checking out someone’s profile, it is very important that you make it a point to take things with a grain of sold. Don’t be easily impressed and don’t be swayed into booking people right off the bat just because you happen to find their photography website impressive. You need to do your research. You need to know for sure that you are booking the right guy for the job so yes, take all the time that you need and take some more time to think things through.

Settle on a price range.

Without a reasonable price range, nothing could ever really work. Although the thought of booking a Seattle newborn photographer and setting up an agreement for the newborn photo shoot is something that you would consider as a necessary investment, you still need to assess how much it is going to assess you in the first place. Research how much it will normally cost you to book a professional Seattle newborn photographer in your area and then get the average rates and settle on that price. If you can book someone for a lower rate or if you can work out some sort of a bargain; then that would even be better. Be careful though. A professional photographer who charges too low might not be as capable or as refutable as you would probably think. Go for someone who is reasonably priced, not to low and not too high. It would help out a lot to take note of the fact that a great Seattle newborn photographer will never sell himself out.

Discuss the photography style.

There are two types of newborn photography style. You can either go for the posed style or you can go for the lifestyle approach. Posed is usually located in a photography studio and comes with all of the bells and whistles of a professional photography shoot. A lifestyle approach aims to photography the baby in his everyday life and is usually candid and natural looking.

Discuss your amount of involvement in the shoot.

You can either just talk about your preferences and let the Seattle newborn photographer handle it or you can be there and give out your suggestions every step of the way.

Things To Know When Booking A Newborn Photographer Aberdeen

Newborn photography is a specialized niche.

newborn photographer AberdeenWith that said, what this technically means is that you need a photographer who specializes in newborn photography. You can’t go for a photographer who claims that he is a jack of all trades but he doesn’t really have any kind of proof when it comes to the previous newborn photo shoots that he has managed to cover at some point or so. It needs to be a little bit more conclusive than that and this is what you ought to take into account the entire time that you are trying to work things out. Go for a professional photographer like newborn photographer Aberdeen Sarah Ferry who has quite a track record already in the newborn photography industry. When you have a verified pro in the field working the camera for you, you get to take off about half of the things that you are worrying about during the session. This can turn out to be a really great relief at the end of the day and something that you ought to look forward to doing before you plan out anything else on your task list.

Ask the photographer how long he has been working with newborns or photographing newborns so far.

You have to understand that for someone to become truly great at what he does, he needs to work on it for a long time. Some things just can’t be rushed and there are a lot of things about newborn photography that can’t just be learned theoretically at school. Photography is mainly a service oriented kind of commodity and it relies greatly on the skills of the photographer that you end up booking for the newborn photo session. Start off with the right person for the job and you will have one less thing to worry about because you know full and well that he will always pull through for you at the end of the day. On the flip side, booking a more experienced newborn photographer Aberdeen will also mean that you will end up paying a little bit more. Think of it as an investment that you need to make. In professional photography, you only get what you pay for. If you pay for an amateur’s rate, then you best expect an amateur outcome as well when you get your pictures. Memories are something that you cannot really put that much of a price on so make sure that if you are going to do this at all, that you actually get it done right.

Ask if the professional newborn photographer that you are hiring is running a legit business.

You need to make sure that you are booking someone who is properly registered and who is fully insured. This is an assurance that you need to make sure that you aren’t just working with a fly-by-night. You need to know that you and your baby are covered in case anything happens during the photo session. This is not the kind of assurance you will have the privilege of getting when you book an amateur photographer.

Newborn Photography Props To Include

Hats / scarves

newborn photographyThese are great newborn photography props to include in your arsenal when you come to think about it. After all, newborn babies are cute in their own right but they become doubly so the moment that you slip a nice wooly hat or so over their heads. There is just something about hats and scarves that can turn out to magically transform your newborn baby’s photos; making it come out looking a little bit more festive and a little bit more interesting to go ahead and take a look at when it all comes down to it. Try to go for materials that are soft to the touch. The baby’s skin can be a little too sensitive at times and opting for something that is course or a bit rough can turn out to be a bit damaging to the baby. You need to keep this in consideration all of the time. Go for the soft stuff like cashmere and premier grade wool and cotton and the like. You want your baby to come out enjoying the process or at least being comfortable enough to sleep through it all throughout the time. Go for the constant pop of color without going overboard with what you are looking for.

Plush toys

These are also interesting things for you to go ahead and take a look at for your newborn photography props. You can really keep things fun and cute and adorable when you have plush toys with you during the shoot. Go for toys that are colorful and most importantly, make sure that they are clean all the time. It’s not all that hard to maintain your plush toys for as long as you keep them in check all of the time. Give them a quick spin in the washer and maybe a quick turn in the dryer and everything should be good as new. Don’t forget to include some fabric softener as well just to make sure that the plush toys get to stay soft to the touch because then again, this is for the newborn baby. This can really catch the newborn baby’s attention and this will help keep things interesting and perhaps even put the grumpy mood at bay at the same time.


This is one of the most iconic props used in newborn photography. You have probably seen babies being photographed inside wooden crates, baskets, and a bunch of other containers. You can be as creative as you would like to be. What’s important is that you are cautious about the whole thing. You shouldn’t put your baby at risk just for the sake of taking great pictures. It should always be free from scuffs or rough areas or spots all of the time. One wrong take on something and you might end up injuring the baby and this is what you should try to avoid as much as possible. Keep things sanitized as well. Like Jennie Miles Photography, make sure that everything is thoroughly cleaned before you go ahead with anything.

Newborn Photography Tips You Could Use

newborn photography sessionAs much as you can, try to use natural light. You do not have to be an experienced parent or a rocket scientist to figure out the fact that flash basically translates to sporadic extremely bright and artificial light. That is something that newborns do not like. It will startle them and might leave them crying. If they are fast asleep, it may be something that might wake them up and unless you already know this, it is not a very good idea for you to wake up a sleeping baby, much less a newborn, for that matter.

Another thing that you would need to consider especially if you are photographing the baby with the parents is that it brings them a situation that feels contrived and choreographed. It is something that can totally ruin the vibe especially if what you are going for is something that is natural and candid. Do your best to position the area that you are shooting in somewhere that can provide an abundant amount of natural lighting like a window or a door or somewhere open, bright and airy. As much as possible, dark and stuffy studio settings are something that you should veer away from, if you can help it.

Be adaptive and flexible

You should go well out of your way to be adaptive and flexible enough for whatever scenarios you might be dealt with at some point. What you need to know right from the start is the fact that literally anything and everything can happen when you are dealing with something as unpredictable as newborn photography. You will have unexpected visitors one way or the other and not all of them will be pleasant. There is an extremely high possibility that you will be barfed on, pooped on, spat on, and so on and so forth.

Ask a newborn photography expert who has been there and done that and they will surely tell you that they have experienced anything and everything under the sun. It is extremely important for you to stay calm and pretty much take everything with a grain of salt at some point.

Schedule in the morning

Try to schedule your newborn photography sessions during the mornings as much as you can and try to coordinate this with the parents. If there anything that you would need to do and make sure of, it would have to be scheduling your time schedule around the baby. Mornings are usually the best times for you to initiate the photo shoot. The baby has just been recently fed, probably also recently bathed, and most probably sleeping almost all of the time. This is the best a time as ever for you to set your photo shoot schedule to.

Babies also tend to become more agreeable and tend to have a really great disposition when it is during the morning. If you go ahead and schedule your photo shoot sometime later than after lunch, they tend to become crankier and may break out and cry or throw a tantrum. Any parent will tell you that that is not something that they would advise at all.

Things to Discuss With Parents About Newborn Photography

newborn photography tipsYou need to have the newborn photography session during the morning. What a lot of new photographers do not understand especially when they are just new in newborn photography is the fact that timing is everything. It is perhaps the central and the most crucial aspect to consider before you map out any plans for a photo shoot.

Morning Shoot

You need to let the parents understand that the morning is the best time to initiate any newborn photography sessions because of the fact that babies are in a far better mood during this time of the day. This is particularly applicable if you are trying to photograph babies who have already gone beyond the ten-day mark at some point.

The best phase of the baby’s life to initiate newborn photography is during the first ten days after they are born.

Again, we go back to the fact that timing is everything. Babies are usually more cooperative in newborn photography during their first ten days out in the world. This is due to the fact that they have not completely acclimated yet to the outside world. They are still within that serene bubble and their body thinks that they are still inside their mother’s womb. This explains why what they mostly do is just to sleep and eat or feed and that is it. You can “mold” the baby into the different poses that you would like him to be in and he won’t even do much in the way of protest. This will make for really great looking photos by the end of the session.

Ask for an area that will provide you with a lot of natural light if you are shooting the session in the home.

Flash tends to startle the baby. Natural light is crucial to holding a truly successful newborn photography session. Try to go for an area that is positioned next to an open arch or window, anything that will let sunlight stream through without too much hassle or blockage. The reason why you need to go through all this trouble is because of the fact that babies do not like being startled by the use of artificial light. It may wake them up when they are sleeping. And any parent will tell you it’s a bad idea to wake a sleeping baby.

Ask the parents what kind of props they approve using.

Always run this by the parents. It really is a different case for everyone but the parents may want to go for their own props or may already have their own setup in mind. That is why you need to make sure that this is something that you communicate openly with them at some point. Some parents may be particular about the fabrics so always run this by them.

Ask the parents what particular kind of newborn photography style they would like to go with.

There are basically two styles in newborn photography. There’s the studio type and then there’s the lifestyle type. The studio one is obviously shot in the studio and the photographer controls most of the elements in the photography. The lifestyle one is more natural and candid. The baby is usually photographed at home.