newborn photography tipsYou need to have the newborn photography session during the morning. What a lot of new photographers do not understand especially when they are just new in newborn photography is the fact that timing is everything. It is perhaps the central and the most crucial aspect to consider before you map out any plans for a photo shoot.

Morning Shoot

You need to let the parents understand that the morning is the best time to initiate any newborn photography sessions because of the fact that babies are in a far better mood during this time of the day. This is particularly applicable if you are trying to photograph babies who have already gone beyond the ten-day mark at some point.

The best phase of the baby’s life to initiate newborn photography is during the first ten days after they are born.

Again, we go back to the fact that timing is everything. Babies are usually more cooperative in newborn photography during their first ten days out in the world. This is due to the fact that they have not completely acclimated yet to the outside world. They are still within that serene bubble and their body thinks that they are still inside their mother’s womb. This explains why what they mostly do is just to sleep and eat or feed and that is it. You can “mold” the baby into the different poses that you would like him to be in and he won’t even do much in the way of protest. This will make for really great looking photos by the end of the session.

Ask for an area that will provide you with a lot of natural light if you are shooting the session in the home.

Flash tends to startle the baby. Natural light is crucial to holding a truly successful newborn photography session. Try to go for an area that is positioned next to an open arch or window, anything that will let sunlight stream through without too much hassle or blockage. The reason why you need to go through all this trouble is because of the fact that babies do not like being startled by the use of artificial light. It may wake them up when they are sleeping. And any parent will tell you it’s a bad idea to wake a sleeping baby.

Ask the parents what kind of props they approve using.

Always run this by the parents. It really is a different case for everyone but the parents may want to go for their own props or may already have their own setup in mind. That is why you need to make sure that this is something that you communicate openly with them at some point. Some parents may be particular about the fabrics so always run this by them.

Ask the parents what particular kind of newborn photography style they would like to go with.

There are basically two styles in newborn photography. There’s the studio type and then there’s the lifestyle type. The studio one is obviously shot in the studio and the photographer controls most of the elements in the photography. The lifestyle one is more natural and candid. The baby is usually photographed at home.