photography tipsWedding photographers have had this ongoing and long time coming discussion about whether or not the RAW format is the best way to go when it comes to preference in filming images in at some point. Before everything though, it would be best to just state right off the bat the fact that the pros of filming the images in RAW will always far outweigh the cons. You just get so much more freedom when you opt to capture all of your images in RAW.

The reason why the quality of the photos is so great is because of the fact that all of the data that comes with the photo is captured and retained because it is the information that comes straight from the sensor of the camera you are filming the photos with.

More time to process

Some wedding photographers will argue that RAW images take more time to process than the usual JPEG ones. To be honest, this particular kind of argument is actually sort of way blown out of the water. This is probably one of the most common arguments brought on between RAW and JPEG files. However, this is technically only true if wedding photographers do not do any kind of processing on their JPEG files. That is really not the case if this is something that you are looking into doing professionally. There will always be some level of processing on the files whether they are in JPEG or RAW format and to be honest, that’s really the only point of argument here. As a matter of fact, for as far as photo editing is concerned, you actually get to have more than enough freedom if you are dealing with files that are in the RAW format. At the end of the day, RAW actually gives you way more options that JPEG or any of the other files available out there. You will also be able to shoot RAW and JPEG simultaneously if this is what you would like to opt for at some point.

Take up more space

RAW files are three times more than the size of an average JPEG file so they take up way much more space than usual. RAW images are notorious for really taking up more memory space than usual. As a matter of fact, RAW files take about three times more memory space than JPEG files normally would. This is a really huge difference when you come to think of it. However, again, wedding photographers in general reiterate on the fact that the memory space issue is really a pretty small thing to consider in exchange for the extremely high quality that your photos are able to deliver to you at some point.

Large files

RAW files are so large that they fill up the camera’s buffer faster resulting to slowing the camera down. Again, we go back to the fact that RAW files are actually way larger than JPEG files so this is also the root of the problem right here. RAW files have the tendency to fill up the camera’s buffer way faster than usual and that is what’s causing the camera to slow down. This can be an issue when you are shooting in continuous mode. However, the solution would just be to go for faster memory cards with bigger memory space.