wedding photographerWalk

If being a wedding photographer is something that you are aiming your sights on, then you would need to prepare yourself for a lot of walking. You will be on the move all of the time and if you do not bring comfortable enough shoes to last you for the entire event, then your feet will be doomed to a day of pain and possibly blisters to show for it. Wear comfortable shoes for the occasion. Ditch the heels or the ever narrow brogues. You should now right here and now that how they look like on you will never be worth it because your feet will kill you at the end of the day.

Watch out

Watch out for people always getting in your way. Weddings are joyous occasions but if there is one constant nuisance that a wedding photographer Berkshire would come across, it would have to be that relative or friend who always gets in the way by telling everybody where to pose, or by positioning themselves directly right in front of your camera while you are trying to get your shots at some point. Be firm and forward in telling them if they can kindly get out of the way so that you can get your shots. Be direct to the point but maintain a friendly tone all throughout.


There will be brides and grooms who will have their own sets of beliefs and traditions to follow through on. Make sure that this is something that you are able to discuss in detail with your clients. Really sit down with them and talk things over and go over all of the details that has anything and everything to do with the wedding album that you are trying to get together. Ask them if there is a theme that they are going for. Ask them what kind of time they will be willing to commit so you can bring in a bride and groom photo shoot.


Ask the bride what kind of time she is allotting to hair and makeup so that you will know what kind of schedule you are up against. You will be able to better create a timeline of events and tasks for you and for the rest of the things that need to get done if you do it that way.

One common argument between the bride and the wedding photographer would have to be the missed shots. You can avoid this embarrassing argument by just making sure that you get a list of all of the shots that the bride would like to be taken down pat. Keep that must-have shot list on you all the time all throughout the wedding event and cross things off once they are done. This will give you something to hold on to when things get a little too crazy (which they most likely will because duh, we’re talking about weddings here).

Feel free to add in some items which you personally think should be a part of that list as well and discuss this with the bride. If she ever brings up any issues at the end of the shoot, you can simply take out the list and remind her that you followed through on everything that you have talked about. Argument closed.