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Wedding Photography: Avoid Creating a Stale Taste!

wedding photographer Hertfordshire10 years ago, people were praising you as a creative guy. Wedding photography is not an easy job and you were gaining your popularity nicely. But now, as you look at your pictures, you could see that these are the exact same style you had 10 years ago.

Nothing has changed, and for a professional wedding photographer Hertfordshire, that’s a big problem.

When staying isn’t good

There are things that can never wane with time. There are also things that gained back their popularity after a certain time has passed. However, there are things that just fade and gets better. It’s important for a wedding photographer to realize when to adapt and when to stick with the style they have.

10 years ago, people think you have a very trendy way of capturing things. They were very stylish and they loved it. Yet, the youngsters these days cannot appreciate it if you use the same way their parents used to take their pictures with!

Follow the trend

A lot of people say don’t follow the trend, be yourself. But let us say the truth: the trend is there for a reason. Why is everyone doing it? Why is it so great?

Becoming a unique individual is great, but people also want to feel like they’re part of something big. Following the trend is one way to give your clients that sense. And it’s not like you cannot use your own style by following that trend!

For example, rustic, barnyard-themed wedding parties are getting so much popularity. You can see some of the typical poses a wedding photographer Hertfordshire use from www.rafeabrook.co.uk. Does it mean that following the angles and styles of this photographer is bad? If you can adapt and develop a better style of it, why not?

Always try something new

Exploring a zone you’re not comfortable with isn’t easy. Back then when you thought that shooting in that way is enough, you never thought of trying out new things again. Because even being committed to wedding photography was scary, until you found a strong foundation to keep moving on.

But a professional photographer can never stay in one place. You always need to come up with something new and try them. Don’t worry! They don’t have to be a completely new style or approach to how you shoot things. In your free time, simply change your perspective on things.

Try capture those images from a different angle, for example. Explore new poses and see if they will work well. There’s no one to judge you, so learn doing things in a fresh way.

Practice, practice, practice

After 10 years or more, it’s probably a hard thing to practice like a newbie. You want to say that you’re a professional and that working with the camera is as easy as flipping the back of your hand. The fact is, well, it’s never that easy. Admit that you always need to practice and hone your skills.

A wedding photographer Hertfordshire should never stop practicing, especially if you’re trying out new perspectives or poses. You cannot try them on potential clients as they may fail, so practicing them beforehand is the best choice.

Save On Your Wedding Day Food

Diversify your menu.

wedding photographer hertfordshireIt’s OK to consider options other than chicken and fish. The good old salmon can get a little old at times and you don’t want to bore your guests with what you are offering out and putting up on the table, literally. You can play around with the food or with the menu in any way that you want. Mind you, you should at the same time make sure that you get to think about most of your guests as well. Are there any vegetarians in the bunch? Are there any people who don’t eat pork? Be mindful of your guests. You want people to remember the kind of wedding that you have. One compliment that never goes out of vogue is how good the food turned out to be during a wedding and this is something that you should aim to have without necessarily breaking the bank while you are at it.

Don’t be tied down to picking out a selective menu.

You don’t have to. You can play around as much as you would like to go ahead and do so. Diversifying your menu also technically means that you will be able to save a lot of money on it, allowing you to feed more people such as your wedding vendors from your wedding photographer Hertfordshire to your coordinators to your entertainers and so on and so for. You will come out looking like a benevolent client without really breaking the bank.

Fake your wedding cake.

You don’t need a super expensive tiered wedding cake. This can cost a king’s ransom but when you come to think of it, the main impact a tiered wedding cake technically has is really just in the photos. You don’t need it at all. As a matter of fact, you can even go so far as to faking it and none will be the wiser. You can go as high as you would like to go with the wedding cake and it doesn’t have to be edible because that’s not what your guests will be fixating on at the end of the day. Leave the bottom part edible (basically just a sheet cake with fake tiers added on top) for the cake cutting and you can have a basic sheet cake cut up at the back of the kitchen to serve out to the guests. This way, your wedding photographer Hertfordshire can make the most out of it and take gorgeous photos of the cake without the ensuing expenses. A lot of brides have been doing it and you should go ahead and do the same as well.

Skip the wedding cake altogether!

Although it has become a tradition to include the wedding cake in the wedding celebrations, you don’t have to go through it at all if you don’t want the costs that come along with it. You can just instead opt to go for something that represents you more as a couple. Set up a milk and cookie bar instead. It’s different and interesting and will certainly be a refreshing take on pastries.

Slow down with the booze list. You don’t need an unlimited list of alcohol in your bar. Go for a limited selection of beer, wine and liquor and that should do the trick.

3 Bridal Tips For Your Wedding Photography

No bride should look ugly in her wedding photos.

Hertfordshire Wedding PhotographerFor the bride to look anything less than gorgeous in her wedding photography is a grave crime. Wedding photographers make it their life’s work to assure that the bride will look beautiful in her wedding photography. However, they can only do so much. In fact, a Hertfordshire wedding photographer can only do 70 percent of the work. The other 30 is up to the bride. With that said, a bride has her work cut out for her. She also needs to do her absolute best to get the picture perfect wedding pictures she has been dreaming about. A bride needs all the help she can get. If you want some extra advice for your wedding photography, we’ve got your covered.

Bridal tip number one is to choose easy poses.

We understand that you want to get amazing wedding photography. However, choosing bold yet difficult poses is not an answer to the problem. Yes, they will add flair to your wedding photography, but it will take a lot of effort and energy on your part. Plus, there is no guarantee that they will look good despite all your efforts. You may even be injured in the process. Your best bet would be to do easy, yet elegant poses. There are actually a lot of simple poses add flairs to your wedding photography, so there really is no need to do a headstand. Keep it simple. If you don’t know any good poses you can always talk with your Hertfordshire wedding photographer. He is bound to have a few suggestions of his own.

Bridal tip number two is to know your location.

There are some locations which are tricky. A few secrets lurk around your location which can hinder the wedding photography session. As such, it is your responsibility to know what and where these hazards are in order for you to avoid them. If you are shooting in a meadow or forest, beware of pits or holes which may be hidden by foliage. If it is possible, always ask for a guide for you and your Hertfordshire wedding photographer. Let someone who knows where it is safe lead you through the location. Worst case is for the bride end up being lost in the middle of nowhere. You should also do background check on the location so you can know which equipment you need to prepare for. It wouldn’t be ideal for the wedding photography at the beach for a bride to where five inch stilettos.

Bridal tip number three is knowing yourself.

The quality of the photographs depends on how well you will project yourself on camera. Proper angling of your body will greatly affect the image. You can go from a plus size to a size 2 by just tilting your body a bit. Brides should know which side is good and which side is best. Knowing which works for you will help your Hertfordshire wedding photographer when he is directing your pose. He wouldn’t have to go out of his way to adjust your posture and angle. It will make the wedding photography run smoothly. And, you will be rewarded with wonderful wedding photos.