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How to Be Observant as a Wedding Photographer

Weddings in general are usually time honored events that are steeped in religion and in tradition.

wedding photography tipsRegardless of how modern the times have become, what you can be quite rest assured of is the fact that one way or the other, this is still something that is being observed e most of the brides and grooms who are being married. You need to understand the fact that this is something that you need to observe and respect as much as possible. The last thing that you would want to end up doing when it all comes down to it is to ruffle anybody’s feathers just because you failed to observe the things that they would like to observe and uphold during the entire wedding event.

As a wedding photographer, you are technically an intrinsic part of the wedding event.

That is the main reason why you need to acquaint yourself with the way that the couple would like to get things done ahead of time. Aside from more or less holding out a meeting the couple that you are trying to provide services for as a professional wedding photographer, you will also need to make sure that you are able to take the time out of your day to really talk to the pastor or to the priest who will be holding the wedding ceremony.

Wedding ceremony is important.

You have to understand the fact that the wedding ceremony is one of the most important aspects of the entire wedding event. You should be able to hit the nail right on the head when you are providing coverage for the ceremony. This technically includes how you should be conducting yourself as a wedding photographer all throughout the wedding ceremony. Talk to the person who will be conducting the ceremony. Feel free to ask as many questions as you deem necessary. This way, you will know the things that you are allowed to do and the things that you will not be allowed to do as a wedding photographer south wales.

It differs depending on church or religion.

It is always different depending on the church and depending on the religion that the couple is observing so putting in a blanket approach on things is not something that will get to work out well for you and for what you are trying to achieve as a wedding photographer. If you can put in the extra time and the extra effort to do so, go ahead and conduct some background research on what you will be dealing with during the wedding ceremony.

Be efficient and well-versed.

You need to be an efficient and a fairly well versed wedding photographer so that you will be able to make sure that you don’t end up overstepping any boundaries. Although it may be true that as a wedding photographer, you will be entitled to certain artistic liberties one way or the other, the fact remains that you will still be confined to the traditions and to the services that are being observed in the church as well as even until the reception and the rest of the events that come along before and after the main events.

Important Points a Wedding Photographer Should Know

wedding photographerWalk

If being a wedding photographer is something that you are aiming your sights on, then you would need to prepare yourself for a lot of walking. You will be on the move all of the time and if you do not bring comfortable enough shoes to last you for the entire event, then your feet will be doomed to a day of pain and possibly blisters to show for it. Wear comfortable shoes for the occasion. Ditch the heels or the ever narrow brogues. You should now right here and now that how they look like on you will never be worth it because your feet will kill you at the end of the day.

Watch out

Watch out for people always getting in your way. Weddings are joyous occasions but if there is one constant nuisance that a wedding photographer Berkshire would come across, it would have to be that relative or friend who always gets in the way by telling everybody where to pose, or by positioning themselves directly right in front of your camera while you are trying to get your shots at some point. Be firm and forward in telling them if they can kindly get out of the way so that you can get your shots. Be direct to the point but maintain a friendly tone all throughout.


There will be brides and grooms who will have their own sets of beliefs and traditions to follow through on. Make sure that this is something that you are able to discuss in detail with your clients. Really sit down with them and talk things over and go over all of the details that has anything and everything to do with the wedding album that you are trying to get together. Ask them if there is a theme that they are going for. Ask them what kind of time they will be willing to commit so you can bring in a bride and groom photo shoot.


Ask the bride what kind of time she is allotting to hair and makeup so that you will know what kind of schedule you are up against. You will be able to better create a timeline of events and tasks for you and for the rest of the things that need to get done if you do it that way.

One common argument between the bride and the wedding photographer would have to be the missed shots. You can avoid this embarrassing argument by just making sure that you get a list of all of the shots that the bride would like to be taken down pat. Keep that must-have shot list on you all the time all throughout the wedding event and cross things off once they are done. This will give you something to hold on to when things get a little too crazy (which they most likely will because duh, we’re talking about weddings here).

Feel free to add in some items which you personally think should be a part of that list as well and discuss this with the bride. If she ever brings up any issues at the end of the shoot, you can simply take out the list and remind her that you followed through on everything that you have talked about. Argument closed.

What To Do To Start With Wedding Photography

wedding photography tipsGet someone else on your team

Wedding photography gigs are extremely big events and they are something that is impossible for just one man to cover. One common mistake that wedding photography experts who are just starting out do is that they skip out on hiring a second shooter or getting a team together. This is a common mistake that you absolutely should not fall for. The point is, it really does not hurt if you get to hire a second shooter to help you out. It will technically let you focus more on the must-have shot list that you need to commit to.

You can make sure that you do not miss out on anything at all and you can focus more on what you are doing and on the artistic process that comes along with it. If this is something that you may be struggling with to pursue financially and if you cannot find the money for it, then what you can do is to invite a photography student to join you in one of your wedding events.

Do not run out of camera batteries

Do not allow yourself to ever run out of juice when you are covering one of your wedding events. Running out of camera batteries is an extremely unforgiveable sin. For one, it is because it is something that is very avoidable. If there are any additional accessories that you should invest in at some point, you should start with the very basics.

Get yourself two to three more high quality camera batteries so that you will be able to charge them all and bring them with you when you are covering weddings. Believe it or not, just one fully charged camera battery will not last you enough for the day. You can get extra batteries for somewhere around $20 apiece. You have to keep in mind that peace of mind is something that does not come with a corresponding price. It really is quite a small price to pay for something that is so practical and convenient. You will thank the high heavens that you had enough sense to pack enough batteries for your coverage.

Do not ever allow yourself to run out of memory space

Wedding photography hampshire is all about getting the preparations in order and preparing for the worst. What is beautiful about the digital age is that you do not have to bring an entire bag of film rolls anymore in order for you to have all of the shots that you can possibly need. You just need to invest in a good amount of high quality memory cards and you are pretty much good to go. More than that, the beauty of it all is that all of your memory cards can basically fit in the palm of your hand. That is convenient beyond anything else. Although it may be true that you are not really supposed to shoot as many shots as you may think you will, it still pays to be assured in the knowledge that you will never run out of memory space at some point.