wedding photography tipsGet someone else on your team

Wedding photography gigs are extremely big events and they are something that is impossible for just one man to cover. One common mistake that wedding photography experts who are just starting out do is that they skip out on hiring a second shooter or getting a team together. This is a common mistake that you absolutely should not fall for. The point is, it really does not hurt if you get to hire a second shooter to help you out. It will technically let you focus more on the must-have shot list that you need to commit to.

You can make sure that you do not miss out on anything at all and you can focus more on what you are doing and on the artistic process that comes along with it. If this is something that you may be struggling with to pursue financially and if you cannot find the money for it, then what you can do is to invite a photography student to join you in one of your wedding events.

Do not run out of camera batteries

Do not allow yourself to ever run out of juice when you are covering one of your wedding events. Running out of camera batteries is an extremely unforgiveable sin. For one, it is because it is something that is very avoidable. If there are any additional accessories that you should invest in at some point, you should start with the very basics.

Get yourself two to three more high quality camera batteries so that you will be able to charge them all and bring them with you when you are covering weddings. Believe it or not, just one fully charged camera battery will not last you enough for the day. You can get extra batteries for somewhere around $20 apiece. You have to keep in mind that peace of mind is something that does not come with a corresponding price. It really is quite a small price to pay for something that is so practical and convenient. You will thank the high heavens that you had enough sense to pack enough batteries for your coverage.

Do not ever allow yourself to run out of memory space

Wedding photography hampshire is all about getting the preparations in order and preparing for the worst. What is beautiful about the digital age is that you do not have to bring an entire bag of film rolls anymore in order for you to have all of the shots that you can possibly need. You just need to invest in a good amount of high quality memory cards and you are pretty much good to go. More than that, the beauty of it all is that all of your memory cards can basically fit in the palm of your hand. That is convenient beyond anything else. Although it may be true that you are not really supposed to shoot as many shots as you may think you will, it still pays to be assured in the knowledge that you will never run out of memory space at some point.